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  Save Our Sacred Sites Society    

 SOSSS is Incorporated as a Not for Profit organization


Why is this so important? After indulging in a mud bath at Indian Springs, Calistoga, California my body was cleansed, rejuvenated, and de-stressed. But more importantly, my psychological demeanor was in a tranquil state of understanding. Are these treatments spiritually transformative? I felt as if I were in a semi-shamanistic journey experiencing tranquil visions of a pale blue hole in the sky surrounded by beautiful pink and golden clouds. After the experience I thought how Native Americans had used this swampy volcanic-mud site for their purification rituals. I now realized that the cleansing of the body led to the purification of the mind -leading to higher perception, wisdom, and unity with the cosmic mind. I shared these thoughts with my fellow bathers and they admitted that they too had experienced a bodily and mental cleansing -one gentleman said yes, until about 8:45 am in tomorrow's commute! The Roman Juvenal wrote, "We should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body." But the point is, that the cleansed and healthy body is a ritual step toward elevated states of thinking. This ancient Indian holy site was the source of a cleansing ritual founded over a natural fountain of earth-energy next to a volcanic-plug mound that allowed people to achieve and experience a stepping stone to a higher state of mind. It is vitally important to understand and preserve all aspects of this holy place.


Our Mission Statement:

To identify sacred sites, conserve and protect them, and educate the public about their value in modern society.

We will attempt to pursue this goal by disseminating books and articles, giving lectures, and holding on site demonstrations of the power of earth-energy.

Our interests in this field of study include:

The ancient world, astronomy, astrology, physics, cosmology, ancient history and mythology, ancient philosophy and worldview, ancient religion and science, and ancient holy energy locations around the world.


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