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The Samoa Islands Quakes, Sept. 29, 2009                                                     

The Samoa Islands quake preceded the Northern California quake.

Below is a horoscope of the recent cataclysm which occurred at 17:48 Sept 29, 2009 @ -172.30 degrees East longitude in the Samoa Islands Region. At that time and date there was a powerful relationship between celestial bodies and the Samoan Region on the terrestrial globe:

The planets Mercury, Venus, Saturn were in close conjunction with the Sun in a position of Right ascension directly corresponding to and overhead -172.30 degrees East longitude. This is exactly what 'astrological cause' is all about -a bull's-eye, or direct hit upon geography! This is the cause of earthquakes shown in a powerful and dramatic fashion. The other heavenly bodies were in geometric relationship to the main group of sun and planets directly upon Samoa. Uranus stood in opposition (180 degrees), and was disjuncted by Jupiter, Neptune, and the moon.  Mars was in a strong position of 60 degrees removed from the main group.

The Samoan people in California must be admired for their immediate response and lightening fast dispatch of aid to their fellow islanders. They serve as an example to all. This total astronomical configuration should have been noticed by scientific agencies and governing bodies who could have issued a specific warning to people living in these regions.



[As an aside: Weather conditions in Europe, England and Ireland were outrageous since October 16, 2009 causing record flooding and several weeks of prolonged icy roads and pernicious snow falls turning to ice. Back in October till the New Year Uranus is hanging right over Europe causing these conditions.  During October Uranus was in opposition to the conglomeration of Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun.]


The Haiti Island  7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12th, 2010

The Haiti Quake  followed the Northern California quake with a 7.0 magnitude whopper which attacked this impoverished island. The longitudinal location of Haiti is West -72.45 which is located on the  horoscope below directly under Venus escorted by the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto. This unfortunate event  substantiates the relationships of the heavenly bodies which were involved in the California quake and the ongoing 'cosmic dynamic' from the Samoa Islands quake.


The Haiti quake was cause by the conjunction of Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto directly above the geography of Haiti. Saturn is quarter to Mercury and Pluto. Uranus is quarter to the Moon. Saturn's distance to the geography of Haiti is the same distance as Uranus to the Moon. Mars distance to the geography of Haiti is the same distance as Saturn to Uranus. The distance of Jupiter and Neptune to the geography of Haiti is the same as the point opposite to Saturn.

This earthquake was probably very difficult to predict on its own. But if some program or researcher had been following the astrologic dynamic since Samoa, there is great likelihood that this quake could have been foreseen and forewarned.

(To be continued with more detailed analysis)   


Japan earthquakes of August 7-13, 2009

The example below is one of the most demonstrable examples of astrological cause in recent years. A total eclipse of the Sun actually forecast these earthquakes. Human observation of noisy and peculiar animal reaction to this total eclipse also served to be prophetic.  Also, there were 42 earthquakes between August 7th and 13th which correspond to positions of Sun, Moon, planetary conformations, and the beginning, mid-point, and conclusion of this total eclipse. Taken together, these factors present a strong case for astrological cause of these earthquakes that can be scientifically demonstrated.

On July 21-22, 2009 a total solar eclipse swept across the eastern Pacific. The mid-point of the eclipse path was located 143 degrees East longitude which lies under Honshu, Japan. Less than a month after this foreboding event -three major earthquakes hit this mid-point longitude with precision on 8/9 @ 138.04 longitude (mag.7.1), on August 10, 2009 @ 138.22 longitude (mag. 6.4), and on 8/12 @ 140.38 longitude (mag. 6.7).

The 42 earthquakes between August 9-13 were positioned as follows:

These quakes were set off when the Sun came to 143 degrees east longitude in its annular circuit, the position of the mid-point of the last total eclipse. This validates the importance of observing eclipses, a practice continually endorsed by the cosmologers. Again, these results validate our system of positioning the zodiac sign of Aries upon the geography of Jerusalem -because Jerusalem is the Prime Geographic Meridian, at this moment in the cycle of Galactic revolution. This is the correct Universal Time, and that is why this system works because it is the only way to realize congruence of Earth and Universe.

There are countless testimonials that animals have a premonition of seismic phenomena. Snakes were kept in the temple at Knossos in Crete to forewarn of earth-shakers. Below, we reproduce a letter sent to us prior to the eclipse -whose mid-point proved to be the major position of the tremors:


I was directed to this site from the Wikipedia link and felt I should report to help confirm possible predictions of the coming Earthquake in Japan.

I know some people have predicted an earthquake based on the coming alignment of the planets into a solar eclipse by the moon (lunar eclipse?).

I am also predicting a quake, my reasoning being based on animal behaviour near where I am living. For the last three days, animals have been acting strange near me. The dogs are very loudly barking (many different ones) all around me. Yesterday I heard several dogs whining for several hours, louder than I have ever heard dogs before. In fact I doubted at first they were dogs but then I heard their owners talking to them trying to calm them down. In addition to this the birds have been earily silent when they are normally loudest. The rooster who used to caw at 5 in the morning on the dot has been cawing at odd times (2 in the morning, 8 at night, etc). Lastly the other night I saw bats flying around while it was still during the daylight..

I am worried as I'm actually planning to leave soon for Canada. If I am stranded here it will be too strange.           Michael Goodbaum 7/20/2009


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