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Diodorus Sicilus (1.81;4-5) cites Hecataeus as saying that Egyptian scientists in the field of astronomy have preserved records concerning each of the stars over an incredible number of years... and as a result of their long observations, they have prior knowledge of earthquakes and floods.


True Predictions

Swati Pandey writing in the Los Angeles Times (June 17,2007) gives some examples of absolutely accurate forecasts of earthquakes in recent times substantiated by Linda Curtis of the U.S.G.S.:

Charlotte King: In December 1993 prediction of a major Southern California quake because of sever heart pain a month before the 6.7 Northridge Quake. She listens for changes in pitch and rhythm in low-frequency sounds sounds; experiences sudden migraines, other aches and a "seismic flu".

Jim Berkland: A former geologist, he foresaw the 7.1 magnitude 1989 "World Series Quake" in the San Francisco Bay Area. He observes tides, lunar cycles and animal behavior.

Zhonghau Shou: He predicted the August 1999 7.0 magnitude quake in the Mojave Desert, east of L.A. He studies cloud patterns and shapes.

Marian Campbell: On Oct. 1,2002 predicted a 5.0 California quake along the 40th parallel, and is credited with the 6.4 temblor at the Gulf of Mexico. She observes animal behavior, particular birds hitting her home or car windows, and the tracks of snails and slugs.

Jerry Hurley: June 14, 2005 predicted a quake off the California coast. He has migraine headaches and other symptoms that he believes comes from sensing the flow of magna below the earth's surface.

Odd & Erratic Behavior of Animals

Animals have been shown to be extremely sensitive to celestial phenomena. Most creatures react to the Moon, which tugs at their blood stream and vital juices, as it so strongly influences the tides of the ocean.

We have heard about canaries in cages used in coal mines to warn miners of methane and carbon dioxide gases. In the same vain American tanks used pigeons in their vehicles to forewarn of chemical attacks in the Iraq War. In Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia dogs, goats, flamingo, and elephants sought higher ground in anticipation of the tsunami after the 9.0 earthquake in 2006. The 1975 earthquake in Ansham, China was luckily predicted by zookeepers watching the disturbed behavior of their animals. It is now common policy to report such events to the civil authority. ( 1/8/07).

Rupert Sheldrake ( author of The Sense of Being Stared At  says that wild and domestic animals become fearful some hours, and even days before earthquakes. In Austria some avalanches are anticipated by the chamois. Sheldrake asks -if animals can sense forthcoming quakes -why cannot sophisticated seismic equipment? He goes on to suggests an early-warning hotline, such as is in place in China where people report strange animal behavior.

Arun Bapat ( 1/8/07) relates that there are several warning signs of an impending earthquake: 1.) Thermal Precursor -a few months before the event temperature rises 5 to 9 degrees above the normal average. 2.) Water Precursor -one to three days prior to a quake there is an unusual rise or fall in the water levels in wells and rivers. Sometimes fountains appear. Seismo-electromagnetic Precursor -ten to twenty hours before a disturbance subsurface temperatures rise. As a result the geo-magnetic field is reduced. This reduction adversely affects the propagation of electromagnetic waves, and therefore radio, television, and telephones are affected. 100 to 150 minutes before a seismic jolt Cellular phones emit a continued disturbance, malfunction, or stop altogether. Radios tuned to 1000kHz near the epicenter of an impending quake also are especially affected. Arun Bapat also mentions that earthquakes stimulate the birthrate, and that hospital clinics are five to seven times as busy treating an uncommon number of headaches, elevated blood pressure, and other maladies in the 10 to 20 hours prior to a shaker. Certain people and patients are abnormally sensitive to earthquakes.


Geysers & underground water

From -Yellowstone's Old Faithful has a namesake in Calistoga, California. This not so-well-known geyser is usually very dependable, erupting every 90 minutes, shooting 350°F water 60 feet into the air. However, some 60 hours before the October 1989, 7.1-magnitude quake in the San Francisco Bay area, the geyser's period suddenly lengthened to more than 100 minutes. After the quake, it settled back into its usual routine. Prior to two other earthquakes, in 1975 and 1984, the clockwork of Calistoga's Old Faithful also ran slow.


The 56 year Cycle

David McMinn ( is the author of "Mob Psychology and the 56 year Cycle" produced in the 1994 Newsletter of the Australian Technical Annalists Association. He credits J.M. Funk's privately published "The 56 Year in American Business Activity". Below we reproduce his interesting findings in his graph:



The graph shown above is copyright by McMinn


Solar Activity Triggers Micro-earthquakes

Several scientists have suggested connections between solar activity, geomagnetic activity, and earthquake frequency. Singh has also found strong correlations between geomagnetic activity (definitely sun-triggered) and micro-earthquakes. He discovered first that the great solar storm of August 1972 was accompanied by large surges of both geomagnetic activity and micro-earthquakes. Following this lead, he studied records between 1963 and 1969, again finding strong correlations.

(Singh, Surendra; "Geomagnetic Activity and Microearthquakes," Seismological Society of America, Bulletin, 68:1533, 1978.)


William R. Corliss in his compilation of Earthquakes, Tides, Unidentified Sounds, and Related Phenomena (1983) has many interesting things to say which we should take notice of:

 There are numerous earthquake “hot spots” in the Eastern United States (central New England, Charleston, S.C.) and other parts of the globe which are unassociated with any localized fault zones which are the reason for earthquakes. This remains a geological mystery.

Compasses and magnets have in some places and instances predicted earthquakes.

According to research in the early 19th century earthquake frequency was high during sunspots, solar activity, new or full moon, during nighttime, and winter.

The analysis of about 35,000 earthquakes in the 1843-1872 period showed that a large preponderance of the occurred around the syzygies, that is during New Moon and Full Moon.

Perrey’s tables of earthquakes from 1750-1842 showed two groups of maxima: one at 12 years, Jupiter’s period of revolution around the sun, and the other at 28 years corresponding to the period of Saturn.


The following reference appeared on


Implications for Earthquake Warning Systems, Perception, and High Temperature Superconductivity, as Derived from Investigations into Charlotte's Syndrome:
The bizarre case of Charlotte King, who "hears" the Earth, yields valuable insights into perception, physics, and the geo-sciences. Fourteen years of investigation have produced models for Charlotte's sensitivity to earthquake precursory signals, which seem to be generated in perovskites, as a result of tectonically induced piezoelectricity. We propose that the signals can be monitored, recorded, and analyzed in a manner that will provide real-time warnings of large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This would be analogous to weather forecasting and storm warning systems, with similar attendant difficulties. Recent related developments, in high temperature superconductivity, in biological sensitivity to magnetic fields, in technology, and in geophysics, are explored.
When a volcanic eruption started nearly anywhere in the world, Charlotte King felt abdominal pain. With Mt. Saint Helens, the strong pains doubled her over. When the mountain erupted on May 18, 1980, she suffered a minor stroke. This was reported in her 1981 appearance on the TV show, and in later years shows like "Sightings," "Encounters," and "The Other Side." Doctors as well as the military were perplexed by her unusual ability to hear sounds in the ULF, VLF, and ELF ranges. She
began hearing these sounds in mid-May 1976. Charlotte was tested in four states by the scientific and medical communities, and the tests revealed that she could hear in the under 10hz range. Further tests revealed specifically below 2-7hz. Thus was born what the doctors and the scientists who tested her coined "The Charlotte King Effect."

In 1979 Charlotte noticed that the sounds would sometimes change in pitch or rhythm, and then a earthquake over 5.0 would be reported in 72 hours.  As time went on she found that sometimes the sound had a vibrational quality and the quake would hit in the water. In June 1979 there was a change that woke her from a soundsleep and she called the local ABC TV station and asked if anything was happening, she was told all was quiet. Several hours later there was a beaching of Sperm Whales that lasted the most part of 2 days. That beaching was catalyst that Charlotte needed to put it all together. The whales heard what Charlotte heard, and they became confused and beached. Charlotte shared this theory with the mammalogist in the area and they said it was not likely. They believed that the whales probably had parasites in the ears and/or they followed a dominant male who was sick. As far as the sound being involved with the beaching, they did not consider it as a possibility. Then, within 72 hours of the beaching, there were reports of three quakes in Big Bear California. It all made sense to Charlotte, and again she contacted the local mammalogist. Again she was not taken seriously. the most likely theory that they quoted was that the whales became confused and their sonar must have been jammed by earthquakes being recorded the same day.

Electromagnetic Heresy

Jerry Gallimore knew a great deal about the signals which came from the earth before an earthquake. About 1973, he had invented a device which measured the signals; it could be used to predict earthquakes. Gallimore explained that the earth signals were due, in part, to electrical superconductivity in the rocks. Under the right conditions, temperature was not a factor; a proper device would superconduct at room temperature. Why? Electrical resistance results from competition between electricity and a second energy. A bi-metallic conductor solves the problem. If you use a copper sheath to encase a core of bismuth, a powerful diamagnetic, the second energy will migrate to the core (Maxwell's Displacement); this leaves the copper clear for the electrons. The magnetic field forms a standing wave outside of the conductor (the Meissner effect).

Best of All

In 1855, in Japan, a shopkeeper in Edo had a large horseshoe magnet on display as a conversation piece. Several iron objects had been placed on the magnet to demonstrate its strength. One day the objects fell; the magnet had failed. Several hours later a large earthquake struck. The iron objects were again attracted to the magnet.

Kendrick in The Lisbon Earthquake reports that a pilot on the Tagus River noticed that prior to the Great Lisbon Quake of the 18th century that the turn of the tides was two hours later than normal. This same delay occurred before one of the major aftershocks to this quake on Dec. 10th. This relationship of tides and quake seems to confirm astronomical-astrological cause for the reason that the Moon and Sun control the ebb and flow of the tides.

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