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Week of Oct. 6th. 2008  -The Stock Market Crash

If anyone were ever to doubt astrological cause -let them examine the chart of the 2008 Stock Market Crash. The placement of the planets looks to all appearances like a Shakespeare play stage scene:  Mercury, lord of mischief, is in the house of his exaltation on the day of his inferior conjunction with the Sun. The cunning Messenger of the gods is surrounded by the worst of company that he could possibly keep; the nefarious lords of reaction, Saturn to the left, Mars to the right. The stagecraft is so poised by the playwright that the evil group is gazing exactly quartile (90 degrees) across the boards to 74 degrees West longitude which is the global location  of the New York Stock Exchange. Good lord Jupiter is sitting within a few degrees of this location. The lord of war and harm is sextile to Luna co-joined by her escort Pluto, marquis of wealth and prosperity, who are both visiting in Scorpio, house of Mars.

The Crash of January 21-22, 2010

The Stock Market survived the 2008 crash and was moving right along with winning returns until January 21, 2010. The construction of the heavens was powerfully focused upon the geography of New York City, the home of the Stock Market: Saturn is in opposition to Uranus and the Moon while Saturn is quartered (90) to Mercury and Pluto above New York City. In actuality the Geography is clamped between Pluto-Mercury and Sun-Venus. The planets Jupiter and Neptune lead the Sun and Venus through the sky.

This event could have been predicted. We see that the crash of Oct. 6, 2008 is built of the same elements as the Jan. 21, 2010 crash created by Saturn and Mars surrounding Mercury and the Sun. Inspection of the horoscopes of both events seems to reveal an ongoing thematic dynamic -a sort of drama in action.



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