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Famous Examples of Astrological Cause

A Decisive Battle of a War aided by Astrology in the use of choice & freedom of will

THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO on June 18, 1815:    An example of political astrology -Napoleon's great defeat.

This astrological case shows planetary influence upon the course of war, politics, and empire. The Battle of Waterloo ushered in the modern era of egalitarian democracy in Europe. It proved to be the climax of the reaction to the French Revolution. In the example to the left, one should notice that the planet Mercury is the only celestial body that is free to move -while all else is held in a frozen checkmate of geometric repulsion of Sun, Moon, and Planets. Saturn is quarter to the Moon, and opposed to Venus. Mars sits over the geography of France while opposed to Jupiter, and holding the Sun in quarter grasp. All heavenly bodies are all quartered and opposed to one another. The only body unaffected by geometrical relationship, is the planet Mercury, acting as an independent force. Apparently, Mercury guided the Prussian General to act upon his own initiative. This genius helped to sway the stagnant confrontation of a battle held in gridlock by the other heavenly bodies.


Leonardo Da Vinci:  born April 15, 1452

Another dimension that we have added to classical astrology is that of the position of the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes relative to geography. Our symbol for this will be a capital "T" enclosed by a circle. This will give us the dimension of Precessional TIME. This aspect is best seen in the horoscope of Leonardo Da Vinci where Mercury and Geography (the village of Vinci), and TIME (Precession) –are all in Conjunction, standing over the birthplace of Leonardo. [TIME is calculated as follows: the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes covers 30 degrees from the border of ARIES through PISCES in the period of 2160 years = 72 years per one degree. 1452 AD, the birth-year of Leonardo, is divided by 72 = 20.16 degrees from the borders of ARIES, which brings us to about 9 degrees PISCES where the geography of the village of Vinci and the planet Mercury stand together.



THE RACEHORSE CALLED “ECLIPSE”, who was foaled on Sunday, April 1, 1764: A champion of champions.

On this date the moon moved precisely in front of the sun and obscured its golden image. Down below a young horse was foaled by the green pastures of Cranborne Lodge Stud (Wikipedia 2/11/06). He was named “Eclipse” in honor of the heavenly event. The fully matured racehorse Eclipse was stoutly bred, a descendent of the Godolphin Arabian and the undefeated Regulus. Therefore it is no surprise that Eclipse should distinguish himself on the grassy track. Yet the prowes of his achievements are so superior that even today he is accounted legendary. Eclipse won all 18 of his races in stunning fashion without ever being whipped or spurred. He literally disdained his opponents by beating them by a distance, or with the rest of the field nowhere –as far behind as at least 240 yards. Jockey, John Oakley, was supposedly the only man who could handle the masterful beast whose peculiar style of running was that he preferred to hold his nose very close to the turf in a very streamlined posture. Among his progeny of 344 foals were many champions. But most amazingly, The Royal Veterinary College has estimated that 80 per cent of modern racehorses come directly from the linage through Eclipse. In the Horoscope: Mars opposes Jupiter, who applies to Saturn + Venus, who both apply to the Sun and Moon in eclipse. The "marshals" (Sun and Moon) surround the geography with Mercury, who is 10 degrees on the one side -while the "marshals"     are   positioned 10 degrees on the other side of the place of birth of the noted stallion.


October 15, 2006 -Hawaiian earthquake: Sun, Mars, and Venus are centered directly over the geography of Hawaii. The earthquake occurred exactly at the time that the Moon was quartered to the conjunction of the Sun, geography, Mars, and Venus. The Planets Jupiter and Mercury also apply disjunctively to the above conjunction of Sun, planets, and geography.

 Iceland  Volcano Eruption of 2010, and back in June 8, 1783 

On April 15th, 2010 a volcanic eruption in Iceland reminded the world of the power of nature.

Less than a month later on March 22 the volcano exploded to such an extent that the volcanic plume of ash was driven by northerly winds across Scotland & Europe as far as Spain. These particles in the air grounded flights around the globe. Both these eruptions were caused by the Sun, Moon, & planet's relationship to the geography of Iceland.

Going back in history to the eruption of 1783 it is easy to see that Mars was directly over the geography of Iceland, and that the Sun, Moon, and planets were powerfully geometrically related to the geography.

The 1783 eruption killed many people worldwide through climate change, record cold winters, super-heated summers, crop destruction, and famine over a period of nearly a decade.

Please check out the history of the 1783 eruption in various articles online to appreciate how the current eruption might effect the next few years. The 1783 eruption has actually been blamed as one of the important factors in creating the tense social climate that resulted in the French Revolution.  



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