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Consistent evidence shows that earth tremors are always accompanied by patterns of heavenly bodies synchronized in web-like geometric conformity focused upon the geographical location of the incident on the globe.


Specific relationships take the form of three-dimensional patterns & webs of spatial geometry.

When these geometric webs are focused upon specific places on our globe -Then powerful incidents of nature are set in motion.

Archimedes had said, "Give me a place to stand, and with a lever [& fulcrum] I will move the whole world." 

Possibly, the Sun and Moon act like Archimedes' fulcrum by transferring the smaller gravitational leverage created by a celestial network of planets. The small gravitational forces are, therefore, compounded together to create significant -but usually not, overwhelming and catastrophic change. In this fashion, natural change can occur gradually, though sometimes dramatically, without endangering the entire planet.

Classical Astrology of Ptolemy says that the Sun and Moon are the "Marshals of every prediction -look to them" The ancients called the planets -Moira or fate, the spinning web of destiny which Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropus weave. The idea of a web of fate certainly typifies many of the ancient beliefs about the interrelationships within society. The "web" also describes the geometric interrelationships of the planets as they act in conjunction with the gravitational powers of the Sun and the Moon.


Early in the development of modern science it was thought that the gravitational force of our neighboring planets could not have any influence here on earth because of the relatively small size of the planets and the great distances between them.

This notion is no longer acceptable because the Milankovitch cycles demonstrate that the gravitational forces of Saturn and Jupiter alter the course of the earth's orbit. Therefore other planets create dramatic changes in the earth's climate. Please click on our section on Milankovitch Cycles to review the many ways in which the earth is effected by outside celestial factors.

Our goal is to show that gravitational forces are compounded when planets become geometrically related in web-like patterns related to the Sun and Moon.

Ptolemy, Medieval astrologers, and Kepler regarded many geometric angles as significant relationships.

We have discovered that there are many other planetary relationships, such as equidistant relationship, which can result in powerful gravitational force.

If we were to express our findings in some sort of paradigm, it would be something like:


Let us review the old story of how Sir Isaac Newton discovered the concept of Gravity. Everyone sort of knows the tale, but I have never met anyone who could tell it properly. This is because the story must start with all three of these elements: Moon, apple, and Isaac. Sir Isaac takes a turn in the garden on a beautiful moon-lit night. He finds a comfortable garden chair under the apple tree and decides to rest a while because today, once again, no one had attended his lecture at the college. Also he is obsessed with the nagging problem of synchronizing universal history with the confined chronology of the Bible.

Newton is rested and relaxed casting his eyes upon the calm full moon -when an apple falls into his lap from the tree above (***Please Note, the apple is not the explanation of gravity***). The correct story continues with his proper reasoning. Newton concludes that the force that compels the apple to be attracted to the center of the earth -is the self-same force that holds the moon in its orbit around the earth! This is why gravity is a universal law, because it applies to our world and to the heavenly cosmos of the stars and planets. The very latest studies of colliding galaxies in the greater universe show conclusively -through telescopic-photo imagery -that the stars and dark matter within these collisions act according to the laws of Newtonian gravity.

F = ([6.6732 x 10-11 newton-meters2/kg2] x M1 x M2) / (R2)
M is mass in kg
R is distance between bodies in meters
Mass of planets available at the following:
Distance from Earth: Scroll down for distance for each planet and multiply by 109 meters (e.g. Jupiter at it's closest is 588.5 x 109 m from Earth) courtesy Greg Durocher, USGS

(Miscellaneous Footnotes*

The possible effect of the Moon's position on the Geomagnetic Field is discussed in Nature, 218:941, 1968 [GWSI]. In 1969 the geomagnetic field changed spectacularly in one magnetic "jerk", which effected the entire earth at once. The secular acceleration of the field had been slowly drifting downward until 1969 it dramatically turned upward (Nature 296:726 [GEZ1]).

The effects of Solar eclipses on Geomagnetism is discussed in The Journal of Geophysical Research, 84A:2539, 1979 [ASX6, GE22, GEZ9]. The Moon's shadow cast upon the earth can have an effect upon the electrical currents in the ionosphere.

We do not however, understand Galileo's law of isocronicity, when he drops two identical size balls, one of iron and one of the lighter material of wood, from the top of the Tower of Pisa. How and why could these different weighted objects arrive at the ground at the identical time? There is more to gravity than mass.

German physicist, Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch explained that when the radium atom was split into two atoms -their weight added up to less than the original radium atom. The energy involved in this reaction should equal the loss of mass (m) times the square of the velocity of light (c) [186K per second]. Einstein's formula E=mc2 shows what a tremendous amount of Energy was created in the loss of a very small amount of weight. Therefore, one could theorize: that the speed of light is the reason and essence of light; that is, The speed of light is light. Following upon this, planets reflect light to a particular place. And, light is very powerful. In fact, matter needs light to be seen, and conversely; light needs matter to shine upon. This again repeats many of the ancient ideas of the dualism of the universe.

The Science Daily reports ( 8/21/2005 from NASA) that observations of the tremendous collision of two large clusters of galaxies "provide the strongest evidence yet that most of the matter in the universe is dark. Despite considerable evidence for dark matter, some scientists have proposed alternative theories for gravity where it is stronger on intergalactic scales than predicted by Newton and Einstein, removing the need for dark matter. However, such theories cannot explain the observed effects of this collision...without dark matter, which is invisible and can only be detected through its gravity, the fast moving galaxies and the hot gas would quickly fly apart." This is a very notable discovery in that it seems to substantiate that gravity works throughout the entire universe.)


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