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The Sun, Moon, and Planets are the cause of Weather, Earthquakes, and all Natural Events on Earth

All the great cycles in the Universe move ponderously slow in comparison to the rapid spinning of our globe and the fleet movements of the Moon and planets of the solar system. These heavenly bodies cause all natural events on our planet from storms to earthquakes.

Humans are dual natured -half matter and half spirit. They are endowed with the 'freedom of choice', but subject to the ills of the flesh such as accidents and medical conditions. The mixture of matter and the divine element are not always in equal proportion 50/50; but some of us are closer to nature while others are god-like in their character or intelligence.

On very rare occasions, the astrological web is so strongly and simply configured -that the outcome is obvious and predictable. One such example is the case of the powerful New Madrid series of earthquakes. An astrological picture is presented below.

The New Madrid Earthquake Series in Missouri included one of the largest tremors in U.S. history. This event actually altered the course of the Mississippi River, and rang the church bells in far-distant Boston. The Mississippi ran backward for several hours during this dip-slip earthquake. The 80 million year-old fault line is only 149 miles long; but it is one of the most active faults east of the Rocky Mountains. Another great quake upon this geography could threaten the great cities of Memphis and St. Louis.

The astrological confirmation is unmistakable. The horoscope of the position of the heavenly bodies shows a cluster directly over the geography of New Madrid, Missouri. This conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Saturn is directly above the geographic position of New Madrid. This group is flanked by Neptune on one side, and Mercury and Venus on the other side. Then, this configuration is opposed by Jupiter at the other side of the world, 180 degrees away. The planet Mars is rising sextile, or 60 degrees, to the great cluster grouping. Mars is also quarter to Uranus.


The earth is an anomaly. Not only is it the only place in the universe to produce life -but the earth creates more creatures than the sum of its material parts over time.

Ancient people  regarded our earth as a sacred being, and called her 'our material mother'. The Milky Way galaxy was our spiritual mother.


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