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instructions for the use of scientific astrological charts


The celestial and geographic coordinates are centered upon Greenwich, England. This is an accidental, historical and political convention of our current epoch. Please find out the longitude of an important natural event, earthquake, or battleground, or birthplace of a significant individual -and locate it correctly on the chart with a circle and cross. You will soon find out that Sun, Moon, and Planets will bare a strong geometrical relationship to this geographic indicator. Information on the magnitude and longitude of earthquakes is found on the web-site:  Iris Seismic Monitor, www.iris.edu

For accurate modern cosmological astrologic investigation, please obtain a copy of The Astronomical Almanac as compiled by the US Naval Observatory & the UK Nautical Almanac Office: www.asa.usno.navy.mil. For historical research in the past, please use the web-site for Astrodienst: www.astro.com -but remember to deduct about 30 degrees for all data because the information is Medieval-astrological, which does not recognize the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes.

The geographic component is essential to Scientific Accurate Cosmology. The signs of the zodiac are focused upon the earthly geography of Jerusalem being exactly aligned with the celestial geography of the first degrees of Aries. Jerusalem is the new Cosmic Prime Meridian. If one looks at a globe, and makes Jerusalem the North pole, then one will see that this city is surrounded by three major continental landmasses, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The South pole to Jerusalem, on the diametric opposite side of the world is almost completely devoid of landmass, with only islands and the North and South Pacific Ocean. These physical geographical facts support ancient testimony concerning the primacy of Jerusalem as the actual Prime Meridian of the world. In extremely ancient times this Cosmic Prime Meridian was 60 degrees to the West upon the Cape Verde/Canary Islands, and before that was 60 degrees further West at the naval center of the giant Granite Spheres in Costa Rica. Even the astronomer and geographer, Claudius Ptolemy, respected the Cape Verde/Canary Islands Prime Meridian when he could have used the Pyramids at Giza or Alexandria as the new meridian. For a complete discussion see Origin of Culture.

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