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As a pure exercise in possibilities -Let us examine the astrological conditions on that day, and also the horoscopes of the two candidates -in order to see how, and if, they meld into the stellar configuration of November the Fourth.

The problem with astrology is that many believe that they will discover plain answers to their inquiry. But, this exercise clearly demonstrates that similarly constituted and disposed factors are naturally attracted to participate in like events. The very nature of the event has attracted qualified participants whose merits are so equitable that it is almost impossible to select between them.


November 4, 2008

The geographic point of the longitude of 77:02 West is the location of Washington D.C., the seat of the American government and Presidency. The young New Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter directly over this point of geography, Washington D.C..

Jupiter is in his own house of Sagittarius, and he assists those who have attained their 56th birthday. However, Mars, the commander of the early middle period of life is close to sextile aspect (60 degrees) related to the prominent conjunction of Geography+Jupiter+Moon. Then too, Saturn, the Old One, is in Leo, the House of the Sun, and is close to triangular to the aforementioned significant conjunction of Geo+Jupiter+Moon. The Sun and Mars are both in Libra, the house of the exaltation of Saturn. This exchange of house between Saturn and the Sun reflects a partnership of interest, while Mars is subservient to Saturn.

Uranus, lord of the heavens, and Neptune, the most ancient, lead the conjunction of Geo+Jupiter+Moon, in the morning sky of that day. Both planets are in the houses of Saturn; Capricorn and Aquarius, and therefore favorably disposed toward Saturn. Uranus is strongly related to Saturn in opposition. Venus is in aspect to the important conjunction. She is in Scorpio, the house of Mars; and being pressed by Mars.

Mercury is in his house of exaltation, Virgo, but curiously unrelated to the construction of the events of the day. It may be important to watch this unrelated position, which is near Obama's birth geography. While McCain's horoscope actually includes Mercury in exaltation -but a bit removed in position. The surprise interjection of the candidacy of Governor Sara Palin certainly reflects the quixotic nature of Mercury. She may well prove to be the decisive chess-piece in this puzzle of events. How coincidental is it that Mercury in exaltation on Election Day is directly over the geography of Alaska; as well as being near to Hawaii? Reading a horoscope is a bit like interpreting an Inca 'quipu'; because the heavenly bodies are only a guiding piece of string used in the process of perception.

Considering the auspices of the day, it seems as if Jupiter and the Moon in the house of Sagittarius have the most power in guiding the events of the day to their proper conclusion.


August 4, 1961 -Obama

Saturn and Jupiter are in close conjunction on the borders of Sagittarius and Capricorn, while exchanging houses. They are close to the geography of Washington D.C., and quarter to the birth geography of Honolulu, Hawaii in Obama's horoscope. Saturn and Jupiter are also opposite to Mercury in his house and the Sun in Cancer. As well, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is triangular to the Moon in Aries; and triangular to Mars in Leo. The zodiac signs of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius form a triangle affiliated with the power of Jupiter.

Obama's birth geography is Honolulu at longitude 158 West, which is close to the exaltation of Mercury on the day of election.

August 29, 1936 -McCain

The Panama Canal Zone, at longitude 80 West, is the birthplace of McCain. This longitude is almost the same as Washington D.C.. The waxing strong Moon is above the geography of Washington D.C. in McCain's horoscope. The Moon is being pressed by Jupiter 30 degrees behind. The Moon is also triangular to Venus, accompanied by Neptune and Mercury, who is in the house of his exaltation.

 In his own house of Aquarius, Saturn is sextile to the Moon in Sagittarius -while he is in opposition to the cluster of Venus, Mercury in exaltation, Neptune; and the Sun in his own house of Leo.

Saturn is quarter to Jupiter in Scorpio, a house of Mars. Jupiter is triangular to Mars in Cancer. The Sun in his house of Leo is triangular to the birth longitude of Panama.


It is obvious that both candidates have merits, otherwise they would not have been chosen and have come this far in the campaign. Astrological information is too limited to come up with any kind of genuine factual determination. The astrologer could also be unduly influenced by their own political inclinations when viewing the horoscopes.

It seems beyond the realm of coincidence that both candidates share so many elements in their own horoscopes with the conformation of the skies on that day of the election.

It may be permissible to say that the day of the elections looks beneficial with Jupiter and the Moon in control -supported by even the maleficent forces which are all in friendly aspect.


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