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Ptolemy calls astrology for private individuals, Genethlialogical.

Ptolemy calls medical astrology, Hiatromathematics: Greek for Health, or Healing.

Mathematics is an ancient tern for astrology, because -obviously, there is a large amount of geometry and mathematical calculation involved.


Ptolemy in his Tetrabiblos discusses the astrological influences that cause accidents and disease. He relates that these prognosis were the result of long studies handed down through generations. According to Herodotus and other Greek writers, the Egyptians were the healthiest nation in ancient times. They certainly practiced Hiatromathematics as well as achieving renown in the formulation of special diets, pharmacology, and dentistry.

Many years ago, the eight year old daughter of a colleague of mine was assaulted by such severe stomach disorder that she was actually taken to Dublin Hospital for observation -many miles from where we all lived. The doctors were perplexed and began putting forward some very disturbing theories. I asked my friend for the girls birth date, and the days when she was stricken by these overwhelming pains. After some very simple study of the celestial conditions which painted such a clear picture of the causes of this distress, I was able to tell my friend to take his girl out of hospital, but that she would experience a minor attack for a few days in the following month of July -after which she would never again be troubled by these gastric disturbances. This all transpired as the planets had foreshown. I must say that this episode rather convinced me that there really was something in this pursuit -at least from a medical standpoint.

Let us examine a case that has appeared recently in the news:


Daniel Tammet, born January 31, 1979 in London, England.

Daniel, the "Brainman", is called a "high functioning autistic savant", of which there are only perhaps 50 on the planet. Daniel is introspective and able to interact with others. Though he is disturbed by the volume of outside noise, and is perturbed by the sea-side where he says he would like to count the sands -a remark which the Pythoness of Delphi made to the ambassadors of Cyrus, "I can count the sands, and I can measure the oceans."

Horoscope to the left: Mercury and Mars are in close conjunction with the Sun -and diametrically opposed by Jupiter. Such a construct, of itself, could be quite healthy and strong. However, Saturn directly opposes the moon (seat of intuitive intelligence), while he also quarters Venus and Neptune -who stand quarter to the geography of London and the Moon. The complication of Mars with the Sun, and Saturn opposite to the Moon is the gateway to Daniel's special world. We have seen a similar Stalemate construction in the Horoscope of the Battle of Waterloo. Because of the beneficial influence of Jupiter and Venus, Daniel has turned his predicament into a real world of his own.]***

Tammet, one of nine children (which may account for his sociability), was born with congenital childhood epilepsy, and he has had several epileptic seizures at age 3 or 4, and continues to be plagued by these episodes. Some practitioners have propounded that these seizures have paralyzed areas of Tammet's brain -which allows (or allocates to) other areas to over-develop and excel.  Tammet is the master of many languages -he learned Icelandic in a week. He has an extraordinary familiarity with numbers which he sees and apprehends (as landscapes) on levels of color, shape and texture. Daniel has expounded the numeration of pi to 22,514 places by memorization in 5 hours. Daniel maintains a web-site and has written a book, Born on a Blue Day, which will be released in February 2007.

With all due respect, we offer the above birth-horoscope of Mr. Daniel Tammet in the sense that it may help us, others, and others less fortunate to understand the refined celestial conditions communicated to this unique individual.


Jeffrey Dahmer, born May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee

Recently there was an interview with the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer and his Father. Jeffrey was born May 21, 1960 @4:34PM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He could not have chosen a more inopportune time to make his appearance in this world. Mars conjuncts with the Moon who are both quartered by an equidistant pincer formed by Saturn and Jupiter co-joined over the geography of Milwaukee, which happens to be quarter to the Precessional marker. Sun, Mercury, and Venus support Mars and the Moon. One of the natures of Mars and Saturn is that of reaction. People who are born under their auspices tend to be reactionary, anti-social, not part of the general world, but in a world of their own. This is nature's excellent way of survival, and preservation of the species -but it certainly breeds a lot of problems. Genetics, family, and environment certainly always play a role, but this horoscope is certainly revealing. Astrologically one could argue that Dahmer is a victim of fate, a helpless pawn -and therefore not responsible for his actions. A similar argument could be made for destroying persons with such a horoscope. Neither of these arguments can be justified. As is the case with autism -these types of persons can be trained to behave socially, though the process is arduous. The remarkable fact about Dahmer is that he converted to Christianity. He said he was delighted to recognize the concept of personal responsibility -namely, that he must come face to face with his Maker and be accountable for his actions. He bewailed his education and introduction to Darwinism from which he got the impression that life was totally determined by natural selection and survival, and then you die. He spoke well and with happy conviction. You are not going to change the nature of the beast -but it is a pity that someone had never taken the trouble to explain philosophy and religion to the young man, before he turned predator. Change of heart is possible by the power of the word.


Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, born Oct 13, 1566 in Canterbury, England

On the day of the birth, we see a prominent cluster of heavenly bodies: Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, upon the borders of Virgo and Libra (which is directly opposite to the most significant Galactic indicator of time in Pisces/Aries).

Saturn and Sun are in a friendly exchange of house and exaltation (Leo & Libra). Saturn leads this construction, followed by Venus in opposition to the birthplace of Canterbury, England; and also near the Precessional indicator of time. Then comes the cluster of planets, Sun and Moon -followed by Uranus in opposition to Neptune, while both are dominated by Saturn in quarter position. In conclusion, this is one of the mightiest individual horoscopes that I have seen.

Richard Boyle's career reflects this august disposition of the sky's. He bought the estates of Sir Walter Raleigh in Ireland for a song, even at that era. These included several prominent towns (he also founded other towns which he developed for a new industrial age). These lands included 170 square kilometers of some of the best sheltered coastal lands in Ireland. Boyle became the richest man in the world. It did not hurt his position that he became an ally of Cromwell, who said of Boyle, "If there had been an Earl of Cork in every province it would have been impossible for the Irish to have raised a rebellion." The author of the article in the online Wikipedia writes, "To say that Boyle was a devotee of the strategic use of marriage as a route to wealth, power, and immortality, is probably an understatement, as this genealogy, showing his posthumous "achievement"...of having at least three of his descendents appearing in the direct line of ancestry to the current British Queen, makes abundantly clear." The richest and most influential aristocratic family, the Dukes of Devonshire, derive from the First Earl of Cork. Boyle's city Youghal in Cork became the second most important trading center in the British Empire. Exalted not only in power, wealth, and aristocratic connections, Richard Boyle's descendents included writers and poets, as well as "The Philosopher", Robert Boyle, author of Boyle's Law, "The Father of Chemistry"; who was one of the founders of the "Invisible College" which later became The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge. Ephemerides info: Astrodienst,

Robert Boyle, the Father of Modern Chemistry, born Jan. 25, 1627 at Lismore Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland

It is irresistible to follow the horoscope of Richard with that of his seventh son and fourteenth child, the discoverer of "Boyle's Law", who is sometimes called the father of modern chemistry because of his detached scientific attitude: Robert Boyle. It is pertinent to our discussion that Robert was born at the famous Lismore Castle erected upon the grounds of the university-monastery founded by St. Mochuda (aka St. Carthage) in 635 AD. This sacred place became one of the leading centers of Europe in teaching and dissemination of knowledge and religion. Robert was a child prodigy who at 8 and 3/4 years of age could speak Latin, Greek, and French -and was admitted at this tender age to Eton College. The famous Robert Hooke became his assistant to design scientific instruments. Boyle became one of the founders of the secret "Invisible College" but later refused the presidency of the Royal Society from a scruple about oaths. Yet, at Oxford he had become a member of the Chevaliers, who were devoted to the Royal Order opposed to the Parliamentary forces. He was furthermore a director of the East India Company, where he spent large sums of money promoting the spread of Christianity in the Orient. Also said to be a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, devoted to fostering concourse between Moslems, Jews, and Christians. Like his father, Robert's horoscope shows an exchange of houses between Saturn and the Sun. Most unusually, Robert's horoscope is built around the geography of the famous place, Lismore, to which Saturn is in opposition, Mars is quarter, Jupiter is triangular, Uranus and Neptune are both perfectly disjunct, while Mercury and the Sun are sextile. The Moon and Pluto are quartile to the Sun, while Venus is sextile to the Moon, at the same time as Venus is in opposition to Uranus -and thereby fulfilling the loop of geometrical relationships. This is a most pronounced and unusual relationship to a geography that I have ever seen. 


Richard and Robert Boyle illustrate a fundamental tenant of astrology. Without a doubt, astrology helps to create material success, that is so powerful, that it can even be reflected in the next generation. But again, every investigator should realize that astrology has nothing to do will freedom of choice, freedom of the will, and freedom of the spirit. We cannot say or suggest anything about the personality or character of either of these gentlemen. Nothing can be known about their motives or dreams. Nothing can be known about how they come to their judgments.       

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