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Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, seems to present scientific data, photos, and measurements which substantiate an eminent crisis of Global Warming. This crisis will change sea levels, ocean currents, and weather patterns -which will threaten the major cities and places where millions of people live.

Global Warming serves to create extreme weather conditions and horrendous storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes which threaten electricity, data, and information transmission. Even if we convert from fossil fuels, our electricity based societies are in jeopardy of extinction. A true definition of the expected future climate is imperative.


1.) The number one, scientifically recognized, and most devastating natural disaster is the OVER-POPULATION of this planet. Therefore, in very cold and crass terms, why would we want to stop the disaster of Global Warming, when that disaster will absolutely cure itself? Is it in our humanitarian interest that we should try to save everyone? Some corporations are actually looking forward to some of the effects of Global Warming. Did you know that the USA, Russia, Norway, and Canada are fighting in the World Court over the rich under-sea territory at the North Polar regions which are slated to be exploited when the ice melts? Russia and Canada have already signed trade agreements to exchange commodities when the Northwest Passage and the Arctic Ocean is open to easy navigation. There is a huge propaganda aspect to the issue of Global Warming. Some may actually benefit from this disaster.

On the other side of the coin, future weather conditions may actually come from regular natural changes in the weather cycles. Researchers into antiquity have found that California, Ireland, and Egypt had experienced 2160 years cycles of Wet Weather, followed by another 2160 years of generally Cold Global Weather which happened prior to our current 6480 years of extremely temperate, gentle, and fruitful weather. This long temperate weather pattern is responsible for the generous production of food which has lead to the current Population Crisis.


Therefore -if the current climate anomalies are really signs of natural astronomically induced weather cycles -changing from a mild and temperate global climate -to a harsh and cold global climate -then, it would be imperative for everyone to switch to a survival mode and adjust to a life without electricity, television, and computers because these artificial luxuries just don't work unless the globe is in a temperate weather pattern.

 There is a big difference in thinking that: 

1.) we can change our habits in order to reverse Global Warming; or,

2.) that we should prepare for a colder global climate.

It is really time that someone made up their mind as to what we really should expect.

We should consider what is the real message that we would like to alert the people to accept. The most responsible message should be to prepare for a harsher and colder global climate which will last for a period of 2160 years, after which it will change to a temperate, but very dry climate period. Therefore we should be saying, "Warning! the world is not coming to an end because of Global Warming. But, Warning, the climate will not be the same -and we are required to make many important adjustments in the small window of time that remains, which is about 150 years.

Obviously there is a lot of ice melting around the north polar regions. Much of the ice at the North Pole is far below sea level. And if it is true that water itself is an anomaly in nature -in that it is one of the very few things that expands as it freezes -then when it thaws -it should displace less area than it did in its frozen state. So, this particular melt off would rather lower the sea level -than raise it. The real problem with water is that it is part of a cycle: moist-hot-dry-cold (as we said in our section on "astrology updated & new definitions"). In our recent world history the power of water was taken out of the equation by being suspended and frozen in ice. As the ice melts and returns to its fluid state, it contributes to the element and cycle of moisture which generates floods, rain storms, hurricanes, and many other aspects of water in motion. The technology of our science is premeditated upon tranquil weather systems. The new aspect of water in motion will compromise the effectiveness of our inventions. Time to practice the bow and arrow again. 


Charles Hapgood concluded that the Orontius Finaeus map of the South Pole Antarctic regions was an accurate map copied from maps prior to the last ice age, at a time when there was no ice cap! His conclusions were substantiated by modern US Navy soundings of the true bays and shape of the current landmass under the ice which agreed in shape and size with the ancient map's projection of Antarctica. The question is, "If the Navy's data and the old map concurred -and both showed the same size land mass -why wasn't the mass smaller on the old map because the ice was now water and so the oceans would have been higher -according to current theory?

Furthermore, there was a recent PBS program where a team of scientists showed that there was as much accumulation as dissipation of ice and snow at the south pole. Also, it is easy to prove extreme weather conditions because record keeping is only several hundred years old. Therefore new record temperatures will always be happening because the time span of these records is so limited.

Recently on January 31, 2007, on the Larry King show, Richard S. Lindzen of M.I.T. said that there was no genuine consensus of scientific opinion about Global Warming -but rather, there was a very loose knit agreement on: 1.)current global temperature rise since the 1970's (prior to that temperatures were below average since the 1940's). 2.) Global temperature is related to Global Population expansion. Dr. Lindzen participated in the forthcoming review on global warming, and stated that every scientist writes a short paper on the problem. These are then reviewed by interested parties, such as the environmental groups like the Sierra Club, Energy Companies, multinational corporations who write their own conclusions of the scientist's papers. This is so because it is they, the large interested parties who foot the bills of the study which includes giving 2500 scientists several round the world investigative cruises.

On can only conclude that one should call for a "separation of Science from the Corporations and the Politicians". At the moment this would be more important than the "separation of church and state". Whenever new scientific discoveries are proposed nowadays -one's first reaction is that of a trial lawyer in questioning, "and whom does this finding serve and benefit?"

Political agendas tend to distort scientific fact, as well as drawing our attention away from more pressing concerns. As the renowned meteorologist, Rob Marceano lamented, we should be focusing upon saving the Amazon Rain Forests, which are the very lungs of the earth. But indeed, the rain forests are yesterday's news. The flow of events in our fast paced world does not differentiate between the relative importance of events. Nothing is more important than another thing in the fast flowing stream of news and events. 

In general, we should of course do everything in our power to minimize the impact of our presence here upon the globe. This just makes sense and is good etiquette, as when we go camping in the wilderness parks -to leave nothing behind us as evidence of our visit. But we have other matters to bring into the discussion, namely the real possibility of climate cycles being a part of the natural order of things. That is, Cycles within cycles which bring about infinite blends of weather conditions to our planet.

We submit the following chart which shows the combination of Great Cycles, such as Galactic Season (also called Universal position), Galactic Progress, and the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes -and the general result of these cycles upon about 17,280 years of global climate. This chart is an interpolation of the science of the ancient cosmologers.















This chart is fully discussed in The Origin of Culture. But here we would like to point out that according to the ancient cosmologers that:  1.) We have enjoyed a remarkable period of 6000 years of very temperate climate that has finally produced a food surplus which has begotten extreme overpopulation.  2.) Very soon, in the year 2160 AD the general global climate will be harsh and cold, and thereby threaten electric based societies, as well as diminish the food supply which will cause many to experience hunger and want. After this cold period of 2160 years; there will follow a dry and temperate period.  3.) We are now living in the borderlands of a climate change where many strange and unpredictable natural events are brought forward as preview of the climax of conditions prior to natural change.

[notes: discuss Pangaea Theory which was also mentioned by Al Gore. This theory was first muted by none other than Abraham Ortelius in 1596. It is curious that the turn of events from one continent to many just happens to take 225 million years which is science's current approximation of our Galactic Cycle, first brought forward by the ancient cosmologers: Because of its movement in space, If the crust of the earth were a perfect solid sphere -it could crack-up into a million fragments compromising the integrity of the entire planet. But, the earth has more safely cracked along major fault lines which help to keep the unity of its sphere. The idea of a Pangaea would over weight our globe on a quick path of destruction. There are real fault lines, but there are no real continents because the shape of the continents is only determined by the present sea level. Continents do not swim around on this surface like plastic ducks. Also, this Pangaean theory does not seem to present any variations in the levels of the oceans because in the beginning of the theory there is the same land mass as there is 225 million years later when the continents are separated.]

Professor Dr. Richard Muller of the University of California-Berkeley proclaims, "Astronomy is responsible for almost all climate changes." (

Current Weather

The sun controls the earth's global electrical circuit:

Data collected from electrosondes (balloons measuring atmospheric electrical currents) over the Antarctic ice caps infer that solar flares stimulate large surges in the flow of electrical charge from the upper atmosphere to the earth's surface. Because this unidirectional flow of fair-weather electricity must ultimately be balanced by thunderstorms somewhere on the planet, it follows that the frequency and severity of terrestrial thunderstorms are dictated, at least on the average, by solar activity. Formerly, global circuit theory had it that the thunderstorms themselves were the driving force behind the fair-weather current flow. Now it seems that the sun calls the tune and that thunderstorms do not arise at random.  (Anonymous; "Solar Activity and Terrestrial Thunderstorms," New Scientist, 81:256, 1979.)  

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