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This section is exclusively about California earthquakes. Our intention is to show that in all cases there is a powerful connection between the California geography, and the celestial positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets.

At 5:12 AM, April 18th, 1906, the celebrated earthquake and fire in San Francisco was set in motion by astronomical means. The horoscope below shows -without a question- that the Moon, Sun, and Planets were configured in strong and precise geometric relationship toward the position of 122 degrees West Longitude: which is the geographic location of San Francisco upon the globe.

There occurred a unique geometric pattern surrounding Mars (who was in opposition to the geography of San Francisco), whereby Venus and Jupiter were equidistant surrounding Mars -while Sun and Pluto were also equidistant around Mars -as well as Mercury and Neptune were also equidistant around Mars. These supporting heavenly bodies greatly intensified the harmful gravitational power of Mars. The Sun was in disjunct relationship to both Mars and the geography of San Francisco. The Moon was quarter to both Mars and San Francisco.

The First Principle to the possibility of having predicted this quake -and any earthquake for that matter -is a precise geometric relationship between the Longitude of a place on the globe and the position of the Sun, and the position of the Moon.



On October 17th, 1989 a violent earthquake shook the San Francisco Bay Area causing the collapse of an ill conceived double-decker freeway structure in Oakland which trapped and killed many commuters. Thankfully and coincidentally, the baseball teams of Oakland and San Francisco were both champions of their leagues, and were to meet in the World Series this day. This happy event prompted many to go home early on this ill-fated day, and thereby saving their lives. A bolted iron section of the Bay Bridge also became unhinged, and other structures fell. The likelihood of two Bay Area baseball teams situated across the bay by a few miles from each other -each winning its separate league and advancing to the final championship is an almost impossible chance. This fact alone in conjunction with a major earthquake during the actual play-off series is a vindication of astrologic cause related to a specific geography.

Once again, all the celestial bodies are precisely and unquestionably related to the longitudinal geography of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Moon is in direct opposition to the geography.  The Sun and Mars are disjunct to the geography. The geography is surrounded by Mercury on one side with Saturn on the other side: both being equidistant to the geography. To further strengthen this relationship, Mercury is coincidentally quartered (90 degrees) by Saturn. Mercury is also quartered by Jupiter.

So we may see that natural events, such as powerful earthquakes, require that all celestial members must be related to one another and also to geography, and to the Sun and the Moon -who likewise must bear some relationship to the geography.

Therefore, The horoscope diagram below is not a fortuitous relationship of astronomy -but a precise geometric web-like grid which can only exert a gravitational force when each and every member is absolutely interrelated. Most importantly of all, the Moon was quarter to its nodes.



On January 17, 1994, the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake struck the Los Angeles area becoming the costliest disaster in US history at that time, totaling about $44 Billion. 25,000 dwellings became uninhabitable, 9 hospitals closed, 22,000 people were left homeless, and 9 parking garages collapsed. The breadth of the damage was astounding as 11 major roads were closed, and 9 bridges fell down.

The astronomical picture of the day of the quake is quite fascinating as the horoscope diagram shows below. There was a very rare cluster of heavenly bodies configured within 5 degrees of one another: Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune. This cluster was sextile (60 degrees) in geometric relation to the longitude of Los Angeles, over which Pluto sits in conjunction. The Moon is precisely triangular (120 degrees) to geography, while Saturn is quarter (90 degrees) to geography. Jupiter is quarter (90 degrees) to Mercury who just barely applies to the conjunction with the Sun and the unusual cluster.

If Jupiter and Mercury were some few degrees closer to the other factors in this construction, then the resulting force of the tremor would have been more devastating.


In January 9, 1857 at 8:20 am one of the largest earthquakes occurred north of Los Angeles at Fort Tejon. This was one of the Great Quakes ever recorded in the United States with an approximate magnitude of 7.9, leaving an amazing surface rupture scar of about 250 miles in length along the San Andreas fault. The average surface displacement was 15 feet -and up to a maximum of 30 feet with lateral ridges being formed in many places. The waters of many rivers and lakes (Tulare Lake, Kern River, Mokelumne, Los Angeles River) were thrown out of their beds, and the underground water table was severely disturbed. Many artesian wells ceased to flow while others were created in new places. The remarkable physical displacement of ground may be attributed to the fact that the duration of this quake was reported to last an entire minute. Some reports even pronounced that the quake lasted a full three minutes. There may also have been a double quake involving the participation of the Elkhorn Thrust.




The geometrical relationships of the heavenly bodies -to each other and to the geography of Fort Tejon @120 degrees West longitude -are remarkable and indisputable. Mars and Venus together are absolutely quartered to the Geography. Both these planets are supported by the intersection point of the distance between the Sun and Mercury, which is precisely sextile to the Geography. Then the intersection point of the distance between Neptune and Jupiter is triangular to the Geography of Fort Tejon. This geometric structure is enhanced by a unique relationship of 127 degrees between Mars-Venus and the Moon. This same 127 degrees relationship also exists between Jupiter and the Geography. These unique factors undoubtedly contributed to the length of the earthquake and its tumultuous displacement of nature.

The bazaar and complex structure of this event pushes it beyond the realm of possible prediction.


The San Francisco Bay Area and The Atlantis Colony on the Bay of Marmora, Morocco

If we study the many fault lines around the Bay of San Francisco we can actually see the physical mechanics that nature has used to create what many people believe to be the most spectacularly beautiful place upon earth. The San Andreas has sculpted the Valley of the Crystal Springs Lakes, the cliffs of Daly City, Bolinas, Inverness, and on toward to Bodega Bay. Across the Bay the Hayward Fault has created the sculpted hills of beautiful Berkeley, Oakland, and the East Bay. Scientists are discovering many other faults and branches to the major ones. All of these are responsible for the creation of splendid natural scenes which have attracted residents and visitors from all over the world. On the other hand nature does not agree to stop shaking the ground just because we choose to live directly in and upon such splendor. But, alas, our human nature loves to tempt providence, and in our own parlance-to push the envelope as it were.

In my book, The Origin of Culture, I have collected evidence to show that most of classical mythology, science and religion may be traced to a beautiful bay (above left), like ours, located in Morocco in very ancient times. The map from N. Sanson (1703) shows an interesting bay at Old Marmora with many inlets, peninsulas, and islands. Such an interesting bay could only have been created by earthquake faults -the same way our own San Francisco Bay was sculpted over great time to arrive at the very zenith of its beauty. But the same forces that shape beauty, also destroy beauty. Solon and Plato's reference to the mythical island of Atlantis may well have been about this Atlantic Colony of Old Marmora -which was destroyed by horrendous earthquakes about 9000 BC which rocked the European and African coastlands. At the time of 9000 BC the Precessional Cycle was in the middle of the Zodiac Constellation of Leo -which is in direct opposition to the zodiac Sign of Aquarius under which the Bay of Marmora was located and destroyed.

When we see PBS programs that show that Egyptian King's Mummies tested positive for cocaine and American tobacco, read countless other reports of the great cities and populations of the Americas long before Columbus (please see: 1491, New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus by Charles C. Mann) -then we might imagine that the Bay of Marmora was a unique emporium for shipping and trading products between the Mediterranean and America.


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