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Practical use of Golden Mean & Fibonacci Numbers
J.D. Kenyon (Atlantis Rising Magazine #90 November/December p.14) reports that Aidan Dwyer, a 13 year old from Newport, New York won the top award for 2011 of the American Museum of Natural History. Aidan was "guided by the orderly way in which branches spiral upward about a tree trunk and realized that the natural pattern was one which optimized the collection of sunlight by tree leaves [and their branches], yielding the greatest return over time. Using the Golden Mean ratio and the Fibonacci series of number, Aidan positioned his miniature arrays of solar panels in emulation of leaves upon sequential branches of a tree. The outcome was a 20-50% increase in energy production over a standard fixed panel array. These golden ratios in ancient art and architecture are evidence of the application of principles of cosmic order in science, religion, and technology."

Butterflies and Metamorphosis
Atlantis Rising Magazine #90 November/December p.55 (Metamorphosis, the beauty and design of butterflies. DVD) Biologists agree that natural selection cannot succeed by taking large evolutionary leaps -but can only work through small incremental steps. "Metamorphosis is an all-or-nothing proposition; its success is hinged upon the immediate availability of a full set of instructions, including genes, proteins, and the development program required to integrate them... The larva cells of the future Butterfly have to know they are going to needs to dissolve its epidermis and gut rapidly and in an orderly fashion. Moving toward the chrysalis stage requires that you have to create adult legs, antennae, eyes; and change the shape of the brain and the connections between the antennae and the eyes. You have to reformat the gut so that it switches from eating plant material to eating nectar. How many mutations does it take, and how do you coordinate all of that?...If you get the wings right, and the legs right, but the muscles don't attach, that butterfly is going nowhere; it's dead. You begin to see the depths of the problem; so for evolution to have created this sort of pathway gradually, it would have taken a miracle...To create a process like metamorphosis, you'd need a totally different type of cause -something that could see a distant target..." [Butterflies are of course a universal symbol of resurrection and rebirth of the soul. There are many instances of Butterflies appearing at wakes and funerals].


If the Temple is like a womb, the Sun’s ray is a phallus.

Climatic weather Lows spin to the left (negative), while the Highs spin to the right (positive). Water spirals found in the subterranean aquifers adhere to this same universal physics. Galaxies spin, hurricanes and tornadoes also spin. All are subject to cosmic physics.

The uniqueness of life is both a testament to morality and the continual movement and change of a creative and destructive mechanism.

Diehl writes (The Olmecs, p.100) that “scholars have realized that all Mesoamerican cultures shared a basic set of cosmological beliefs...The shamanistic ideology conceived the world as a three-tiered entity composed of sky, earth, and underworld, bounded by the four cardinal directions and balanced on the central axis mundi. Each cardinal point probably had specific trees, colors, birds, and gods assigned to it. Shamans, the actual religious practitioners, were men and women whose special powers allowed them to establish contact with the supernaturals and intercede on their client’s behalf. While in trances, often induced by fasting and psychotropic substances, shamans traveled the cosmos accompanied by their animal familiars as they attempted to heal the sick, establish contact with ancestors, and propitiate the forces beyond human control.”

The sacred ball game is nothing else but the retrograde motion of the planets like a ball being kicked or propelled back and forth in a ball game.

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