Introduction: Myth and Science in Ancient Astronomy                                                                                           

The great mythologies of the Bible, the Greek Generations of the Gods, and the Americas Legend of the Five Suns are structured in a sequence which follows elementary natures from moist-hot-dry-cold in a counter-clockwise flow through the zodiac (Sagittarius-Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces-Aries, and so on).

However, many of the great minds throughout the ages have tried to synchronize mythology with the 26,000 year cycle of the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes which flows clockwise from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius, and so on.

to the annular seasons, and places the elementary natures in a backwards sequence of cold-dry-hot-moist which is quite different to the natural and normal flow that we are attuned to experience: such as moist-spring, hot-summer, dry-autumn, cold-winter. Therefore we must be looking at Precession in the wrong way.

The great break-through in science was to place the Sun at the center of the solar system. This was a very simple adjustment in celestial mechanics which made everything easier and functionally correct. The Culture of Astronomy explains a similar break-through in science -namely that our Sun and its solar system is in motion as the spiral arms of our Milky Way Galaxy spin around the black-hole matrix at the galactic center. This galactic center is the source of spirit and energy from the universe which is transmitted to our Sun and from there to our planet Earth. How and why ancient people knew all this and more is another matter. But our Sun's participation in the rotation and revolution of our galaxy explains an entire worldview of antiquity in respect to myth and advanced science. If the ecliptic of the zodiac is moving in respect to the Milky Way -then there is an extremely long-term cycle above Precession which moves contrary to Precession; and in a counterclockwise direction (which expresses moist-hot-dry-cold). Right now the ecliptic crosses the band of the Milky Way in two places: at Gemini-Taurus, and at Scorpio-Sagittarius; which is the location of the black-hole matrix.

This elementary fact of the relationship of the Milky Way to the ecliptic may be seen by anyone looking at the dark night-sky. Mexica-Maya-Andean astronomers tracked this relationship and its movement. The Great World Flood, the Great World Fire, Adam and Eve, the sequence of the Greek Generations of the Gods from Uranus to Zeus, and the Legend of the Five Suns are all understood through the Galactic Cycle of the Rotation of the Milky Way. This is the simple contribution to knowledge that The Origin of Culture sets out to present.


Modern Plagerism 

The Dark Ages really collapsed with the revival of classical science and philosophy transmitted by Arabic scholars who reintroduced the classical world of India, the Near-East, Greece, and North Africa to the Europeans. The Renaissance re-introduced ancient helio-centric theories from the Vedic and Pythagoreans which was used by Copernicus and Galileo. However, these gentlemen did not understand that the ancients also viewed the Earth as the center of the cosmos and life. And this "geo-centricism" was a view that the church had to support as the foundation of cosmic law and religion. The scientific method of observation could not figure out the solar system. Only a simple genius theorized the mechanism within his own head. Today modern science confabulates about complex layers of time and dimension to explain the universe, just as absurd as the solar system spinning around the Earth. But much simpler than all this complexity is the ancient Vedic view that the cosmos is the god Brahma who lives 100 years of night and day; and sleeps like death for an equal number of years -expanding and contracting over a period equal to our 1,728,000,000,000 solar years, a 1.7 trillion year cycle. The Big-Bang is a plagiarism of this ancient Vedic idea.



Myths are of cosmic origin, and every religion has borrowed concepts from cosmic physics as the foundation of their cosmology. The great myths are taken directly from astronomical cycles and periods describing change in world climate and history. Cultural traditions from all over the world, from Polynesia to Alaska overflow with astronomical terms and numbers, solstices, equinoxes, time periods and cycles.

The actual astronomy and observatories of Andean Archaeoastronomy in Bolivia and Peru are so advanced that we may never equal their achievements. Observatories above Cuzco and the Nazca Lines follow the spinning cycles of the Milky Way Galaxy -movements which contemporary science has not even recognized. Central American sites were placed to monitor azimuth declinations of the Sun, Moon, Pleiades, and stars in conjunction with their specific latitude and their planting and harvest cycle. Many observatories still have "azimuth tubes" functional in their building architecture. Astronomy has always been the common language and science to the diverse races of man.

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