Astrology in the ancient and most original sense means "the logic of the stars". "Astronomy" being a later Greek creation meaning "the naming of the stars". One of the primal laws of cosmic physics states, "Below as above; above as below" meaning that events on Earth are caused by the solar system and the stars. Furthermore, the laws that apply to the Universe also apply to the Earth; and the laws that we see here on Earth are the same throughout the heavens.

The whole philosophy behind astrology is that there is cosmic order behind everything within the Universe -which we cannot readily perceive because of the continual cycles and movement of everything. The Modern Worldview teaches that "cosmic order" is a bad thing because of the many consequent theorems that develop from this viewpoint: such as "the divine right of kings". Therefore there is no such thing as cosmic order and science will observe and monitor all of nature with finely tuned instruments attached to the pulse and vital signs of the Earth.

However, irrespective of all theories, the Sun, Moon, planets, and the rest of the cosmos do directly cause all natural events here on Earth; such as weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and all atmospheric conditions. In fact, Earth could not survive if it were not intimately connected to the entire Universe. Please click on Quakestar on the homepage to review hundreds of examples of astrologic cause.

But if there is cosmic order -why is there so much variety in humans, geology, and all of nature? Perhaps the diagram from John Martineau best presents a visual answer in the form of the actual movements of our solar system through space:


The motion is carried out by revolving cycles which generate duality such as night and day, and summer and winter. As the pendulum swings in one direction –so will it swing back again. Duality, dichotomy, poles, gender, pendulum swing are all various expressions of movement observed from our vantage point of a planet circling the Sun observing other planets revolving nearer or farther from the Sun which is in motion around our own Milky Way Galaxy in a course around the universe. Incidentally, our planet also has a Moon orbiting around it while it participates in all these corkscrew patterns. John Martineau writes in A Little Book of Coincidence –Pattern in the Solar System (p.4), “The plane of the solar system is tilted at 30° to the plane of the galaxy so our solar system actually corkscrews its way around the arm of the Milky Way.”


A wonderful proof of cosmic order within astrology is that the great oceans of the Earth are located in the triangle of Capricorn (Atlantic Ocean), Taurus (Indian Ocean), and Virgo (Pacific Ocean). The cosmologers also say that the current cycle of the Milky Way galaxy is in the beginning of Aries which demarcates the Holy Land of Palestine. Using Jerusalem as the pole of a globe -the greatest amount of landmass on our planet is centered around Jerusalem. Extending that pole through the planet and viewing the other side of the globe reveals an entire hemisphere almost entirely of ocean water -a total dichotomy to the landmass on the other hemisphere.

Below is an example of detailed astrologic cause concerning weather conditions: 


March 1st and 2nd 2012 -Rampage of the Nocturnal Tornadoes

On the night of March first and second of 2012 a large contingent of rare night-time tornadoes ravage a wide area from Madison, Alabama to Hamilton, Tennessee to Kentucky and Ohio. Henryville and Harrisburg were hard hit. The Horoscope to the left shows that the cause of these natural events were the interrelated positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets acting upon the specific geography of the central plains of North America, the home of the noted "Tornado Alley". This portion of the globe aligns with the Black-Hole matrix of our Milky Way Galaxy in the heavens. This hot spot is also over the Gulf of Mexico noted for its violent hurricanes.

The geometric alliance of Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn and Mars. All the heavenly bodies are quarter to the geography (represented by a four-parted circle). The Moon is quartered to all heavenly bodies while it stands in opposition to the geography of Earth and the sphere of the heavens at the Black-Hole matrix.

This is Classical Astrology which is straight forward natural cause by heavenly bodies interacting with our globe.

Review of the Tenets of Classical Astrology

The Croll-Milankovitch climate cycles are founded upon the changes in the Earth's: eccentricity of the shape of the Earth's orbit from round to elliptical, the range of the obliquity of the orbital plane caused by the changes in the tilt of the Earth's axis, the precession of the Vernal Equinoxes changing the exposure of the northern and southern hemispheres in respect to perihelion and aphelion, and the variation in the inclination of the entire orbit of the Earth. Every one of these minute changes influences the climate here upon the Earth. All these changes in the mechanics of the Earth are brought about by the Earth's interrelationship with the other members of our solar system, including our own Moon and the Sun which is itself in motion within our home galaxy, the Milky Way -which is also in motion within the universe.

All  natural change and events here upon the Earth are caused by our relationship to the Sun, Moon, and all other members of the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe. This is astronomic, cosmic, and astrologic cause. The greater celestial movements of our Milky Way galaxy cause the shifting movements of Pangea. The Sun, Moon, and planets motivate earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, storms, droughts, and famine. The combination of the members of the solar system with the cycles of the galaxy create the rise and fall of species, plate-tectonic uplift,  climate change, and overpopulation.

 When several celestial bodies are positioned above a locale, or are geometrically arranged in strong geometric relationships to a specific geography they will initiate events upon that geography. This celestial information is readily available in any scientific ephemerides calculated from Greenwich Mean Time and Right Ascension from Greenwich (geography is calculated as minus -180° west. Greenwich is 00:00°. And east is +180°. This arrangement  of 360°  corresponds to 24:00 hours of celestial position which is called Right Ascension).

The Dichotomy of the Universe

The universe is divided into opposites, light and darkness, good and evil, male and female, and happiness and grief. Astrology proves this when the beginning of the sign of Aries is focused upon Jerusalem then: the oceans of the world fall under the dry signs. Indian Ocean-Taurus, Pacific Ocean-Virgo, Atlantic Ocean-Capricorn. On the other hand the great deserts fall under the wet signs. The Sahara-Pisces, Australia-Cancer, American and Mexican Desert-Scorpio. It is also hard to fathom the different winter temperatures of San Francisco and Washington, D.C.. San Francisco lies under the cold Aquarius but has generally mild winters; while Washington, D.C. lies under the hot Sagittarius, and experiences abysmally cold winters, yet they are almost on the same latitude. 

As often as not, predictions succeeded or failed. However, kings and rulers felt that they possessed a slight advantage when they were able to have an astrologer in their entourage to make annual and seasonal forecasts. And indeed there have been some amazing predictions that became true such as the fate of the gold bullion fleet departing from the Caribbean against the warnings of Columbus. Astrologers really had to be pretty astute and reliable with a positive batting-average in order to earn their salary and keep their position. The famous Imhotep who was regarded a demi-god wore the famous "star-mantle" of the chief-astrologer in addition to being an architect, medical doctor, and advisor to King Zoser of Saqqara.

 Astrology connected positions of the planets and celestial cycles with events that happened here on Earth. Observation over long periods of time hoped to be able to predict current and future events from similar events that had occurred in the past (i.e. Mars was in conjunction with Mercury in Aries; and our neighbors made war on us). This logic developed from lunar and seasonal factors which were predictably similar year after year. In order to practice astrology one needed to be paid for providing a useful service to the king and community. Astrology was therefore extended beyond the realm of tracking natural change  -to attempt to predict individual and political fortune. Because the kings and queens had achieved high positions among thousands of others in a community; it was conceivable that these rulers were co-functionaries in the course of  local history. Rulers had a bond with heaven. The study of  personal astrology was, and still is too complex because of the uniqueness of every individual. Ptolemy, the noted astronomer and geographer states that every person is subject to calamity during their life; and this takes the form of either accident or disease. Astrologers have been quite successful in diagnosing medical and psychological problems; as well as forecasting unfortunate episodes in an individuals life. In matters of social astrology, Mexica-Maya-Andean astronomers have always publically advised and warned their communities to abstain from sexual activity during unfavorable alignments of the Sun, Moon, and planets.

Susan Milbrath (Star Gods of the Maya, Astronomy in Art, Folklore, and Calendars. University of Texas Press. Austin 1999) writes in her introduction that many of the best documented astronomical images of the Maya seem primarily concerned with divination. Maya astronomy is really astrology (Thompson 1972) but not in the sense of personal horoscopes. The astrological texts in the codices often deal with cycles of illness, the fate of crops and weather conditions, somewhat like our own Old Farmer's Almanac.

Milbrath continues and says that people today cannot appreciate why astronomy played such an important role in ancient civilizations, "For many of us, supplying our own food means cashing a paycheck and going to the grocery store. Our indoor environments insulate us from the more profound effects of the seasonal cycle. Our calendars tell us when the seasons will change, and we feel no need to watch the Sun and the stars as they follow their seasonal course. Indeed it is often difficult to see the night sky. Light pollution follows electricity, dimming the spectacular beauty of the stars."

Astrological Politics

All ancient civilizations believed their stars were gods, and their rulers derived power from their connection with the cosmos in life and in the afterlife (Milbrath p.11). As in the Old World, astrologer-priests correlated events in the lives of rulers with celestial events (Milbrath p. 3). Indeed the term "star wars" comes from the Maya predilection of starting wars according to celestial configurations. Their rulers could also be called Star Kings because events of their lives were dictated by astrology. Milbrath says (p.271-3) that "events in Chan Bahlum's life seem to be linked with Jupiter's retrograde motion." She continues to say that the Temple of the Foliated Cross at Palenque is orientated to the setting point of Deneb, the brightest star of the Northern Cross, while the Southern Cross was linked to the 'heir-designation' date and the actual accession to the throne by Chan Bahlum in 684AD. Stellar imagery is also prominent in an important image of apotheosis in the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque that houses the tomb of Chan Bahlum's father, Pacal II. Here the texts do not say that he died, but that he "entered the road" at the place where the ecliptic crosses the Milky Way -between Scorpio and Sagittarius which was regarded as the star-portal to the Underworld regions of the heaven located in the Milky Way. Milbrath writes, "Study of the Sarcophagus lid suggests that the deceased Pacal entered the Milky Way near Scorpius and ascended to heaven on the Southern Cross to reach his planet Jupiter."

The 260 day Calendar

Milbrath (p.2) says that the 260 day calendar can be traced back to 900-500BC. It was used to prognosticate human destiny according to the day of birth and to predict the appropriate days for the planting cycle. The length of this cycle ties together the average human gestation period and the Mesoamerican agricultural cycle from planting to harvesting during 260 days from February to October (rainy season beginning in May). The nine-month growing period of mountain maize among the Quiche parallels the nine-month period for human gestation (B. Tedlock via Milbrath p.30). Also this cycle is well suited to observations of Venus and relationships to the Moon. According to Jacinto de la Serna in 1650AD, the 260 day calendar was a key to the synchronism of the cycles of the seven classical celestial bodies: Sun, Moon, and planets.

Also, 260 ÷ 360 = 72.222, as 25,920 years ÷ 360° = 72 years. The cycle of Precession travels 1° in 72 years. The 260 cycle is a close approximation of this important phenomena. As well, 260 ÷ 9 = 28.888 x 12 months = 346.666 which closely approximates the modern eclipse year of 346.62 days. Maya precession was 26,000 years, a decimal multiplication of the 260 cycle. Daniel Flores (1989) notes that the average interval from the first appearance of Venus as Evening Star to the last day of visibility gives an average of 260 days (Milbrath p.261).


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