Washington, D.C. & the Ancient Temple of Newgrange, Ireland

This article appeared in #93 of the magazine Atlantis Rising


People have always felt a desire to be in contact with their Creator God. They looked toward the heavens and recognized cycles and numbers which were identical to numbers and laws associated with the creation of life here on Earth. For example the 5 pointed star that Venus describes in the sky during her 13 revolutions around the Sun during 8 Earth years –manifests the Fibonacci series of number 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55... These numbers came to be called “holy numbers” because they expressed the proportions of most of the life forms on our planet. Fibonacci numbers themselves strive to express the Golden Mean (34 ÷ 55 = 0.618) while the Golden Spiral which defines mollusk shells and how nature unfolds is based upon these numbers.


Humans are cosmic creatures built upon cosmic proportions, and when we recognize cosmic proportions in nature we are overjoyed to find a connection between Earth, ourselves, and the heavens of the Creator. This joy sees a sacred order and union between all things in the universe.

Ireland is abundantly blessed with holy sites so old that they were reused by conquering races. During my 13 years stay in the Holy Isle these sites were investigated under the guidance of The Pattern of the Past (1969) by Guy Underwood. His contention is that all ancient temples and holy sites around the globe are founded above special underground water spirals and their track lines. During my researches from Tikal to Sardinia, Egypt, Cuzco, Tiwanaku, and countless other places, Underwood’s theories have been verified beyond question. But my contribution to knowledge is that there is another element necessary to the establishment of a major holy precinct –and that is that the major attendant water lines be also aligned to astronomical phenomena, such as one of the equinoxes or solstices.

On an investigation of Newgrange (Bru na Boinne) I discovered that the main underground water line of the sacred chamber also passed out of the mound and to the left of the major standing stone (upon the halo of standing stones that surround the mound. These are also located upon an underground ring of water). The water line passed onward through a field to another large standing stone and further to a low tumulus in the distance. The direction of the path of this water-trackline phenomena coincided with the winter solstice sunrise –consecrating this place as “On Earth as it is in Heaven”.

The measurement of the diameter of the halo ring of stones proved that the sacred chamber of water spirals was located at .618 (φ) of the total diameter. I have known this fact for some time, and when my daughter visited Washington, D.C., I once re-read The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C. (2006) by Nicholas R. Mann. As I read and researched I could not believe my eyes as the city of Washington, D.C. began to evolve as a holy temple site founded upon the identical principles as Bru na Boinne –astronomy, sacred number, geometry, and subterranean water lines. Could it be possible that these two places shared a common ancient heritage separated in time by about 5,000 years?

Their similarities are astounding:

The Boyne Valley astronomical complex includes Knowth, Dowth, and Bru na Boinne which defines the winter solstice sunrise. Maryland Ave. NE in Washington, D.C. accurately marks the summer solstice sunrise. East Capitol Street shows the spring and autumn equinox sunrise. While, Pennsylvania Ave. SE delineates the winter solstice sunrise –just as Bru na Boinne. We said that the sacred chamber and the diameter of the halo circle of stones at Bru na Boinne were in phi φ relationship. Coincidentally, the main construction circles around the Capitol building are arranged in the proportion of φ .618 of a mile, and 1 mile, and further at Φ 1.618 mile.

Bru na Boinne is purposely founded and set above underground water spirals below the holy chamber which leads out of the passage and onward toward the winter solstice sunrise. The Capitol building (still called “The Hill”) in WDC is centered upon Jenkins Hill, an ancient social, commercial, and ritual gathering place where the ancient trail lines approaching the hill are directly under the present Maryland and Pennsylvania Avenues which align to the solstices. Underwood’s book specifically states that animals and humans instinctively follow the underground water courses which then become marked by continual usage as trails above ground.


Sacred Geometry

Nicholas R. Mann, The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C., mentions some of the holy numbers used in the creation of the Capital:

L’Enfant defined East Capitol Street as “160 feet in breadth, and a mile long (5280 ÷ 160 = 33). The number 33 is the highest level in the hierarchy of Masonry. The Scottish Rite Temple of Freemasonry in WDC has 33 Ionic columns each of which is 33 feet tall. 33 is of course half of 66 leading to the infamous but holy number 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 –the root of the Vedic astronomical cycles and a fraction of the diameter of the Moon, 2160 miles. The Washington Monument was built 555.5 feet tall, which equals 6666 inches; thereby combining the sacred number five and the pentagram with the number six and the holy hexagram. Also coincidental is the fact that in 1810 Congress paid L’Enfant the sum of $666.66 for the design of the city of Washington, D.C.. This, above all things, shows that the Senate and the Representatives of the people were well acquainted with the mystery of geometry and the holy numbers –and by this little joke over the amount of L’Enfant’s bill proclaimed to the world that such a master geometer should be satisfied with this holy number sum. Again the Fibonacci numbers express the infamous holy number 666, because 2 ÷ 3 = .66666. A further coincidence is that Er Grah, the Great Menhir and main foresight of the entire astronomical complex of Carnac on the Bay of Quiberon in Brittany stood 66.6 feet tall.


Nicholas Mann explains that L’Enfant expressed his internal design for the new city through pentagonal forms which of themselves express Golden Mean relationships and form –because every line of the pentagram is in phi, φ relationship to the length of the other lines. This special phi relationship is of extreme antiquity and has been found at Abydos in Egypt in a design called the Flower of Life. When visualized in three dimensions, twelve spheres will fit around a central thirteenth sphere. Mann says that the Flower of Life provides the basics of measurement, and has proscribed our use of standards such as 360 degrees, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, and the duodecimal system. The Masonic fascination with Venus and Fibonacci numbers explains the widespread use of the number 13 as an enduring symbol for the original 13 colonies of the United States of America, and the perpetuity of this number upon its paper currency. The Liberty Bell was hung with a chain of 13 links.

Mann summarizes that the Congress House, the President’s House, the Mile Column, and  L’Enfant’s intended locations for City Hall, the District Court, and the Washington Monument –are all placed according to the Golden Section Ratio of phi, φ.


Mount Vernon

George Washington was the lead decision-maker in the layout and design of the new capital city. Much of the site was upon his ancestral estate of Mount Vernon which had originally been founded upon a prominent sacred Native American site dedicated to trade, alliances, judgments, and social gatherings (Mann p.177). This Native American site functioned exactly like the Viking “Thing” and the Druid meeting places throughout Europe and the ancient world. Just as Bru na Boinne was taken over by conquering races of Ireland –the new Americans appropriated the Native holy sites such as Treaty Oak and Jenkins Hill, the magical place of water spirals linked with astronomy.

Mann writes (p.33):

Several roads already existed in the area that took advantage of ridges of higher ground. The Bladensburg-Ferry road, which approximates to Maryland Avenue today [summer solstice sunrise], and the Georgetown-Ferry road that approximates to Pennsylvania Avenue [winter solstice sunrise], formed a diagonal cross through Jenkins Hill. Apart from the hills to the north, the densely wooded Jenkins Hill was the highest point in the center of the territory of the future city.

Mann says (p.33) that Jefferson requested the astronomer Ellicott to carefully ascertain “a true Meridian and the latitude of the place”. Ellicott chose the well-known landmark Jones Point on the Potomac near Alexandria as the southern point of his 10 mile square diamond whose points marked the cardinal directions NSEW. Mann cites (p.74) L’Enfant, “Mr. Ellicott drew a true Meridian line by celestial observation which passes through the area intended for the Congress house; this line crossed by another due East and West...These lines were accurately measured and made on bases on which the whole plan was executed.” Ellicott and his assistant the talented Benjamin Banneker conducted their astronomical survey upon Jenkins Hill which they defined as the new Global Prime Meridian of zero/360 degrees. This astronomical act defined the exact center of power from which the so-called New World was to grow and progress. It signified a new union between Heaven and Earth during a New Age. Benjamin Banneker (African American –Irish) was an adept astronomer and calculator who for the rest of his life published a successful farmer’s almanac like that of Benjamin Franklin.

( 1-12-2012):

The personal notebook of Ellicott says that he discovered the olden native name, Annakostia, for the eastern branch of the Potomac from “some old surveys” of the locality. Ellicott further reports (#95) that he had set up squared stones engraved with the number of miles from Jones Point, as well as the variation of the magnetic needle at the position that the stone was set. One may imagine that surveyors used magnetic compass and that true North was achieved by astronomical observation.

Ellicott writes (#83-87) that Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant was to design the city upon a site of ten miles square, and that Washington suggested the distance of a mile between the Executive Mansion and the Legislative Department. Mr. Jefferson wished to have a straight grid of streets like Philadelphia, and gave L’Enfant numerous street maps of Versailles and prominent European cities.

However, the enthusiastic L’Enfant was born to the Age of Enlightenment and envisioned a “heavenly city and temple” laid out in divine proportion and cosmic geometry which would convey heavenly harmony, justice, and balance upon the new city. L’Enfant decided that Congress, as the meeting house of the representatives of the states and people should be the center of this powerful cosmic design. L’Enfant was proposing a wondrous experiment creating a sacred geometry between Heaven and Earth. He was the son of an architect who had worked on the Sun King’s domain at Versailles.

The Temple

Throughout the world at the Temple of Solomon, Angkor Wat, the Coricancha at Cuzco, the Parthenon, Giza, and many other centers; priest-scientists sanctified  centers of creative power, temples and judicial and social meeting places directed to the three primary axis: East-West, North-South, Above-Below. The last axis was a bond between subterranean water forces and astronomical alignments. The combination of all these forces created something magical and powerful –a sublime unity, an axis mundi, the omphalos or navel of the world –a point of connection between the terrestrial, the heavens, and the underworld. This vertical axis was often represented by a world tree, a mound, a pyramid, a spring, a ladder, or a pillar stone.

The Temple was always a place to help people “to feel connected; to feel the unifying or archetypal patterns within everything: to become aware...of a unifying order behind the seeming chaos of ordinary existence (Mann, p.71).” Ancient people believed in cosmic order –that government, economy, society, and belief in God needed to function together as one organism for any and all its parts to succeed. Perhaps L’Enfant believed in these principles and wished to create a stage upon which everything could play out harmoniously. Mann remarks, “Government, it was thought, had the role of defining and harmonizing the many parts of the whole, but should intervene as little and as lightly as possible, and most especially should not tax the people too highly. Protected, directed, led, but sovereign and unencumbered, the American people were seen as the driving force of the economy and the wealth of the new nation (p.82),”

Cosmic Order should not be confused with fate. This order is the benevolent insurance of harmony and balance allowing all things to be free to grow and develop –and not trespass upon other members of the system. Order defends the whole against the parts, and each part against all other parts.

Was the Capitol intended to be a magical temple like those described above? The Masonic Grandmaster Joseph Clarke certainly thought so during the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the Capitol building; when he proclaimed, “I have...every hope that the grand work we have done today will be handed the like work of that ever memorable temple to our order erected by our ancient Grand Master Solomon.” Seven years later President Adams again referred to the Capitol as “this solemn Temple.”

Geodetic Energy

Our entire planet is crisscrossed by beneficial underground water channels like the veins and arteries of blood that bring life to our bodies. Water under the earth as well as the blood and water content of the human body are all weak conductors of electro-magnetic impulses –heightened when humans place themselves above water spirals –and both are acted upon by the Sun, Moon, and planets.

Guy Underwood’s The Pattern of the Past documents the interplay of underground water and ancient monuments. He calls these forces Geodetic phenomena which he divides into Water Lines, Aquastats, and Track Lines. Underwood cites Reginald Allender Smith of the British Museum and the Society of Antiquaries, and noted water-diviner as writing, “At the center of every prehistoric temple there would be found a spot from which a number of underground streams formed a radiating pattern [spirals].” He called these spots “blind springs”, and said that they existed at Stonehenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew, and at all similar sites, and wrote, “The constant presence of underground water at the exact center of these circles and earthworks is a significant feature easily verified by others...the selection of sites for consecration by the Druids and their predecessors no longer appears arbitrary, but dictated largely by geological conditions.” Guy Underwood’s book describes how insects and animals react to these sites, using them as regular paths through the landscape, and holistic birthing-places. He goes on to describe that specific underground water patterns create cures for headaches –while some spiral arrangements have a calming, penitent, or deleterious psychological effect. Sometimes the special places provide supernatural side-effects such as clarity and power of speech and good decision making.

Because of L’Enfant’s use of exponential larger pentagrams the cosmic forces are expanded to physically allow the future decrees of the new Congress to illuminate the larger territories of the United States as a whole. This is magic based upon cosmic physics interacting with the geodetic physics of the land. 

Charles Westbrook wrote The Talisman of the United States, The Mysterious Street Lines of Washington DC (1990) and The Kabalyon Key (2004-9) in which he records (p.33-5) that the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon is where Heaven and Earth meet; and sometimes the visible Presence appears as a brilliant beam of white light called the Shekinah Glory. Thomas Jefferson wished to have this symbol for the power of God to have appeared upon the first Seal of the United States to symbolize their settlement in the New Promised Land, the New Jerusalem; or the New Atlantis according to Sir Francis Bacon.


Geometry assists the feng-shui of the Universe

Mann says that L’Enfant used his new interpretation of the pentagram to create a plan of harmony among Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary creating an open, balanced, and constantly self-referencing system where sovereignty lies with the American people.

The central plan of Washington, D.C. is based upon three circles with a common radius of 1 mile in conjunction with an off-center circle (focused upon the Capitol) of .618 mile around which another circle of 1.618 mile is drawn. The intersection of these circles forms a perfect pentagram star. The use of phi, φ and Φ, was regarded by Plato to be the mathematical key to the physics of the cosmos. The Egyptians considered it the means to the whole process of creation, producing numbers, measures, and proportions –as the gateway to all knowledge.

Image from Nicholas Mann, The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C.

However, the “feng-shui” of combining subterranean water-lines and spirals with sacred geometry and astronomical alignments does not function without conscientious and humble human participation. Men and women must offer up prayers for guidance to the God of All Nations and Peoples, the Creator of the Universe –so that the “temple” is communicated to each citizen, and is created in their will and hearts.  


Nicholas R. Mann. The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C. 2006. Green Magic, Sutton Mallet, England (last image)

Guy Underwood. The Pattern of the Past. 1969-71. Pitman House, London

Charles Westbrook. The Kabalyon Key. 2004-09. Cathedrall Press, Greenville, North Carolina

Internet: 1-12-2012   


Article # 2

Earth Energy at Ancient Sites

By Thomas Karl Dietrich, author of The Origin of Culture, and The Culture of Astronomy

“It was now clear that ancient people were utilizing the invisible energies of the Earth in their rites as they venerated the natural world. The current passed right through the massive barrow, surrounded by a deep ditch, forming a node point at its center...We were being drawn back to a world where this stupendous temple had been deliberately planned and constructed to take account of natural energies...Here, for the first time, marked out by rows of standing stones, was a graphic display of how the energy actually operated. It was organic...Like a river, it formed curves and eddies, all of which were accurately laid out in stone,” -The Sun and the Serpent (1989) by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst describing their odyssey following the famous St. Michael’s and St. Mary’s Line through England. Their quotation refers to Avebury, the largest stone circle in Europe (p.103-5).

In addition to the careful examination by Miller and Broadhurst of the energy line through Britain there is much information to be gained from another energy line, the St Michael-Apollo energy line. This line runs from Ireland to England, and through France, Italy, and Greece on to Mount Carmel in the Holy Land. Even though these energy paths have received great notoriety since one’s discovery in 1967 and the other in 1977 –they are only a part of a larger global network of many such lines surrounding the Earth. Cultures in the Americas, Australia, Asia, and Africa have strong traditions of powerful earth energy manifested in nodes and ley lines which they named serpent lines, dragon and fairy paths. All of these energy currents conveyed yin and yang, negative and positive energy throughout the landscape. This landscape was often reshaped and marked by standing stones, stone-circles, temples, artificial mounds, and stone water fonts. In China these energized dragon paths were studied under the science of Feng-shui (meaning: wind and water) which sought to correct and equalize the flow of earth-energy through the landscape in a most balanced and beneficial way. It is imperative that nothing should block or hinder this flow which also responded to the winged-dragons which controlled the cosmic flow of energy from the heavens.

Antiquarians such as Norman Lockyer, Alfred Watkins, Louis Merle and Charles Diot in France, Capt. Robert Boothby, F.C. Tyler, Reginald A. Smith, Guy Underwood, and John Michell have taken a scientific attitude toward earth-energy and subterranean water currents which others have embellished with mysticism and magic. What is the reality of earth energy? Is it otherworldly, of cosmic origin, or is there a simple explanation from the natural world of physics?

 Energy and Health:

Many ancient energy sites are famous for their curative properties for countless ailments. The Ossory Crosses in Ireland are situated above powerful water spirals and are noted for curing headaches. Guy Underwood retells numerous instances showing animal and insect preferences for the energy that comes from blind springs. He says that animals use underground water currents called “track lines” for finding their directions, for locating suitable places for sleeping and raising their young. The nests of birds and the hives of bees are positioned over nodes and blind springs. Old horses like to stand over the node of a water spiral in an open field; cows congregate on the top of ancient barrows and like to sleep over blind springs. These currents of Earth energy are beneficial and essential to life. Animals, birds, bees, insects, and humans move along these terrestrial energy lines to conserve their own energy and tap into the free power. Miller and Broadhurst say that each site possesses its own unique signature and characteristics sometimes expressed by unique geometric dowsing patterns. Underwood also tells the story of a rheumatic soldier who sought out places where cows lie down because these haunts alleviated his pains. The celebrated cities of Troy, Thebes, and Antioch were founded by following a cow to ascertain where she would lie down and find a comfortable rest –as a sure sign of a prosperous and healthy location for a new city. John Michell reports that the ley lines centered above the underground water lines are said to convey fertilizing and spiritual energy to the surrounding countryside. Humans, animals, and plants likewise possess their own individual energy fields whose harmonious state is essential to maintain good health. New Age dowsers have even found it possible to investigate the bio-magnetic fields of the human body to detect imbalance, illness and disease. Miller and Broadhurst say (p.119) that “People who live near these energy fields are in some way attuned to the landscape, and drawn into demonstrating this by marking their flow with stones, gateways, signs and other structures.”

 Continuity of Use:

Numerous traditions record that the majority of the Druids converted to the New Revelation of Christianity. It is therefore no wonder that many of these ancient sites were taken over by the new converts as foundations for churches and places of pilgrimage where penitents walked along miles of ley lines which seemingly promoted energy and enlightenment among the fasting travelers. Their journey thus became truly a part of the ritual. The Sun and the Serpent demonstrates that the science of earth-energy encompasses an inherited tradition from the early-Megalithic to Druid, Christian, Saxon, Norman, Elizabethan, and even down to late Victorian times. The concise traditions of Iceland, Ireland, Wales, and Little Britain affirm a special brand of Celtic Christianity which followed the ancient enchantments of music through the establishment of perpetual choirs in resonance with the music of the Earth and the cosmic energy of the Sun, Moon, and planets. This energy-science was clandestinely practiced by architects, builders, and churchmen and kept alive by the Benedictines, Cistercians, Dominicans, the Knights of St John, and the guild houses and lodges of the Knights Templar and Freemasons. Ancient scientific knowledge was safeguarded in the libraries of great monasteries of Llantwit Major, Glastonbury, Bury St Edmunds, Clonard, and Lismore in Ireland. Unfortunately, many of the books of great antiquity were destroyed in the frenzy of Henry VIII’s efforts to overturn the power of the monastic system in the British Isles in order to assert his political dominion over the Christian church affiliated with Rome. One unfavorable aspect of the reuse of megalithic sites is that new works which overlay the past tend to hide the correct proportions and scientific measures of olden times.

 Governmental, Social, and Religious Use:

Custom, usage, and law preserved ancient sites because their power was recognized over the ages for the coronation of kings, the site of law courts and judgments, recitations of history and pedigree, declarations of war and peace, and celebrations of religious feast days. Ancient standing stones, natural rocks, or stone circles such as the meeting places called Things in Scandinavia were preserved for assemblies of the bards and poets, May Pole dances, as well as fairs and social gatherings at these locales where streams of energy merge and interact. The Gorsedd of Wales and Brittany was reintroduced in 1792 to promote literature, poetry, and the music of ancient Druidic culture within the new religion of Christianity.

 Astronomy & Cosmic Energy

Obviously, there is some attractive energy hiding under these marvelous ancient sites. It is not just water, but water conveying energy. But where does the energy come from?

E.J. Eitel writes in Feng-Shui, the Science of Sacred Landscape in Old China (1873), “Everything that exists on Earth is but the transient form of appearance of some celestial agency. Everything terrestrial has its prototype, its primordial cause, its ruling agency in heaven...the surface of the Earth, where the mountain peaks form the stars, the rivers and oceans answer to the Milky Way.”

Like the Heavenly dragons of the Chinese, the Earth-energy receives its power from the heavenly bodies and the planets which are the poles that transfer the energy from the universe to our galaxy; to our Sun and then to the Earth below.  John Michell, in The Earth Spirit, describes the earth-energy as “a stream of magnetic current, fertilizing, and accompanied by manifestations of spirit...and on certain days, its seasons determined by the positions of the heavenly bodies.” Miller and Broadhurst called the Earth “an intelligence that responded to the energies of the heavens.” They press on to say that the rediscovery of these ancient laws of earth-energy should help to focus our modern concerns for the health and the well-being of our complex and delicate planet.

Lockyer, Watkins, and the German geographer Heinsch, Bishop Browne, Foster Forbes, Boyle Somerville, and Alexander Thom noted that many ley lines correspond to astronomy such as the rising of certain stars and the extreme rising and setting positions of the Sun and Moon. Cup and ring markings, identical to the “espejos” in the Americas seemed to represent mirrors that reflected the constellations and stars. Some describe the ley lines as the arteries and veins of the Earth. Watkins thought of them as paths and centers of the terrestrial nervous system. These pathways are part of the traditions of the Australian Aboriginals, the Hopi and other Native Americans who called them creation paths, while the Chinese called them the paths of the dragon (lung-mei) which extended around the entire world. Dragons and serpents are of course creatures of wisdom. Winged-dragons and winged-serpents are the creatures of astronomical wisdom.

Michell says in The New View over Atlantis (p.60) that “the node points of the Earth’s body were vortexes of multi-dimensional energy” and writes that the powerful currents of magnetic force called the dragon paths in China were composed of negative and positive currents, represented by the white tiger and the blue dragon. The most favorable sites were surrounded by the proportions 3 yang to 2 yin. The Chinese relate ley lines not only to the Sun and Moon, but to the five planets.” The lines of the dragon current run in a general straight course across country, but locally, and on a smaller scale, their true direction follows waves and zigzags which abate and soften the powerful directional flow of energy. Vast landscapes were reshaped by the geomancer-dowser into a sacred microcosm of paradise here on Earth –a garden of gentle hills, rivers, and ponds showing the plentitude and variety of creation within a context of gentle balance and order.

  Fault-lines, and the Heliosphere

The crust of the Earth is fragmented with countless rifts, fractures, ancient fault lines, and deep caves and chasms. These cracks in the skin of the Earth allow water, hot and cold springs, and thermal water vapor to circulate above and below the crust, as well as allow magma to erupt to the surface.

The body of the Earth is an oblate-spheroid spinning like a top on its axis while revolving around the Sun which in turn is circling the Milky Way galaxy which is itself spinning while in transit with companion galaxies traveling through the universe. The size, shape, mass, and compound motions generate a unique electro-magnetic current of energy around stars like our Sun and its members, the Earth and the planets. NASA calls this the heliosphere: an immense magnetic bubble containing our solar system, solar wind, and the entire solar magnetic field. Electro-magnetic energy is a law of the universe wherever there are bodies in motion. “Electro” may simply turn out to mean motion, while “magnetic” may simply mean direction. Therefore, the two words together refer to gravity induced motion which seems to be a fundamental cause throughout the cosmos. The Earth’s own individual magnetic field is tilted at about 11° to the rotational axis while it interacts with the interplanetary and solar magnetic field. One consequence of these magnetic interactions is the build-up of magnetic energy –which wishes to flow, to dissipate and go somewhere following the quickest path of least resistance.

The water, hot gases, and magma flowing through the cavities of the Earth and the rivers upon its surface provide this avenue of least resistance for the discharge of the built-up electro-magnetic forces in the atmosphere playing upon the surface of the Earth.

Water-diviners are able to read and tune-into water spirals and currents at ancient sacred sites. It would seem that they are sensing more than water currents –but are picking up the electric energy which the water is conducting. Many accounts also call earth-energy “magnetic”. Is this the secret –that earth-energy is “electro-magnetic energy” generated from the universe through the Milky Way and on to our Sun and the heliosphere? This certainly seems in tune with the traditions of sacred and holy earth-energy which was said to be connected with the Sun or some solar deity. This would present a mythic-scientific and astro-logic explanation palatable to the ancient people.

In Twelve-Tribe Nations, John Michell confirms that earth-energy is connected to fault-lines when he says (p.101), “Megalithic monuments and the more elaborate temples that succeeded them are also found to have been sited in connection with earthly powers. They are generally situated above or near geological fault lines, over subterranean springs and watercourses, or at nodal points in the earth’s energy field. These places are centers of geomagnetic and other measurable energies...”

The Sun and the Serpent, The Pattern of the Past; my own personal experience of over forty years investigating and dowsing ancient sites around the world, confirm the presence of water along the St. Michael’s Line, and beneath all ancient holy sites and megalithic buildings. Concerning ley-lines, Miller and Broadhurst write, “They are only arteries of a vast interconnected system –main arteries, perhaps, and with enormous significance. But like a great river, tiny tributaries and large streams join the main flow in a way that is totally synonymous with the organic metaphor of the planet’s waterways. Major sites marked by prehistoric remnants always seem to be places where these streams of energy merge and interact, often in a way unique to that particular spot.”

There seems to be a message and meaning to these earth-energy emanations that attracts our attention and solicits our presence at these sites. We have a need for energy which is exciting, and necessary to our survival. People are physically and psychologically inspired and drawn to localities rich in energy patterns. This mechanism of distributing healthful electro-magnetic energy through the channels and arteries of the Earth may explain the foundation of cities upon certain sites; and the reason of their rise and fall when they had expanded beyond the territory of their sacred energy supply. Angkor Wat and Tikal may have suffered this inexplicable and extraordinary demise as their gigantic cities (uncovered by aerial survey) suddenly imploded into nothingness.

Robert M. Schoch of Boston University wrote an article entitled "The Ancient Subterranean Shelters of Cappadocia" (Atlantis Rising #95 Sept. 2012) in which he describes some of the 200 underground cities and rock formations called "fairy chimneys" with dwellings and passages carved into the rock pillars. Schoch says that these stunning high-rise settlements (which resemble a condominium community out of Bedrock in the Flintstone's cartoon) are carved out of volcanic chimneys [which reminds of the volcanic outcrop at Glastonbury, England]. These residences feature rooms with nooks and seating places, and storage rooms dating to 10,000 BC -reused, expanded and enlarged, and reworked over thousands of years; wrought out of the hardest granite. These places may have been renowned healing sites utilizing cosmic energy conducted along the volcanic chimneys. The difficulty of carving granite and the long period of continued use certainly affirms that something beneficial was happening at these sites. Schoch reports on innumerable global sites exhibiting naturally melted and vitrified rock [a possible consequence of solar outbursts conducted through the heliosphere to natural caves and conducts within ancient volcanic landscapes].

The Pacific Ring of Fire produces frightening volcanic eruptions and monumental earthquakes; but is yet the home of tremendous human populations. These populations have –for the time being –built great cities noted for science and ingenuity; possibly inspired by the electro-magnetic energy percolating along the crust of the Earth. The inimitable Silicon Valley lies directly upon the giant fissure of the San Andreas fault-line which produces California’s earthquakes. It is also strange that the San Francisco Bay Area is home to the universities of Stanford and Berkeley who have produced more medal winners in the Olympics than most countries throughout the world. The St. Michael’s and St. Mary’s Lines are winding currents which demarcate a straight direction across southern England in great part along the boundary of the Cretaceous and Jurassic formations. The famous Glastonbury Tor upon the Michael’s Line is an extinct volcanic mound full of caves and caverns, many of which have been sealed by human intervention. Its 13th century church set upon its summit was demolished by an earthquake along this ancient fault line which also destroyed the edifice at St. Michael’s Mount on the very same day –a distance of 150 miles away.

 Geometry and other Phenomena

The dowsers record many subordinate arteries that run off of the Mary and Michael lines and terminate at nodes which often display unusual patterns that generate pentagram-star-shapes and geometric designs, related to number and music. These terminal places have traditionally been called dance rings, wind-mills, and mill-wheels. Inside one of the stone circles called The Hurlers, the energy line traced an infinite succession of geometric and inexplicable patterns. At Brentor a distorted pentagram pattern had been a site for a May Pole and an ancient fair. At Glastonbury a distorted pentagram appeared at the node of the Crossing of the Michael line and the Mary line at the location where the altar had stood before the destruction of the Abbey.

At the Devil’s Bed and Bolster, a large stone slab above the Michael’s Line showed that “energy was pouring off, exactly like a heat haze on a hot summer’s day. This is a clearly visible manifestation which can be seen by anyone (p. 96),” according to Miller and Broadhurst.

 Fire, Lights, and Apparitions

In 495 AD an incandescent vision of the Archangel Michael appeared to fisherman atop a mount in southern Cornwall. Numerous places along the Michael Line have been the scene of miraculous healings and revelations often accompanied by apparitions of St. Michael, the Dragon-slayer and Judge of the Living and the Dead. St. Michael’s Mount was formerly the abode of the Giant Cormoran. At the White Lady waterfall apparitions of an ancient goddess have appeared. She is a spirit who has saved many who fell into the waters below. Many researchers tell of color and light phenomena surrounding these holy sites. Not only do rapidly moving points of light appear, but also vaporous illuminated apparitions of a seemingly sacred nature. Miller and Broadhurst, The Sun and the Serpent (p.37) say that visions and apparitions of Saint Michael were reported in the 495 AD at St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall where a group of local fishermen experienced an incandescent vision of the archangel. This instance began a tradition of Christian pilgrimage to the site which produced miraculous healings and revelations. The European St. Michael’s Line has several traditions of “conflagrations of fire” such as at Mount Carmel during the time of the prophet Elijah and the priests of Baal. Other fire images appeared at Sagra di San Michele in Piedmont in 987 AD, and at Mount St. Michael in 1270 AD.  

 Astronomical Alignments & Astro-logical Cause

Miller & Broadhurst report (p.27) that the Earth has an enormous energy field that exists far out into space and interacts with those of other heavenly bodies [now known as the heliosphere]. The same authors relate that conjunctions of Saturn and Uranus influenced the electro-magnetic lines, “Previous experience had shown that the energies appear to react to celestial events (p.75).” Underwood wrote that the position and phases of the Moon cause the spirals around blind springs to expand and retract dramatically. The Michael Line is angled about 27° NE and therefore lines up with the rising Sun on specific dates of the ancient calendar. “Beltane (May Day) and Llughnasad (Lammas, August Day) were the high spots of the ancient world, when beacon fires were kindled on the hills and people across the land celebrated the return of Bel, the Phoenician Sun God, with his power to fertilize the land with the energizing vitality of spring, and later thanked him and his consort, the earth Goddess, for their bountiful harvest.” The same authors speak of their dowsing experience upon Glastonbury Tor which they described as “a system of energy fusion where the forces inherent in the land itself were conjoined with the forces from the center of the solar system...Like a vast electrical transformer with the coils of wire wound around the central magnetic core, the volcanic mound seemed to be a generator and transmitter of natural energies that exerted a powerful effect on human beings (p.90).” They also report that the long conical shape of Glastonbury Tor is precisely aligned to the Beltane axis (p.89).

Music is said to have originated from the Music of the Spheres and Planets. One Greek account tells of Orpheus moving stones through the power of music. Chants, song, and music in concert with the electro-magnetic energy may have assisted in the levitation of enormous stones, the movement of earth, and site leveling. This energy assistance is further enhanced by “astro-logic” when the Sun, Moon, and planets are focused upon the particular site in question. Most of the great ancient sites in the world are places of extraordinary landscape beauty and exceptional building proportions; and above all, a sensation of peace, power, and energy. In Druid times “Perpetual Choirs” were organized to create an enchantment over the land, to soothe its citizens and protect from outside invasions. And numerous traditions claim that fairy music has long been associated with these special sites.


Various electro-magnetic lines produce a powerful atmosphere of sanctity, a heavenly odor of burning incense, voices raised in strange cords and harmonies. Glowing apparitions of the “White Lady”, Earth Mother, the Green Man of Nature, and especially St Michael the archangel are manifestations at several places upon the Michael’s Line. Ordinary people speak of the strange magic and presence of Glastonbury. Even cynics comment on the weird mood of a place, others detect a powerful transformational energy that induces psychic and spiritual effects. Many report dynamic weather effects, consciousness shifts, revelations, and spiritual experiences. In general Glastonbury Abbey has an uplifting and spiritual effect on visitors identical to that of Tikal in Guatemala which seems to dispel all worldly care. Our guide who had visited sacred sites in India told us that the sages there acknowledge Glastonbury as one of the great holy sites of the world.

The old French work Perceval le Gallois ou le conte du Graal is the basis of modern Grail traditions; yet, this French work attributes its facts to “the Isle of Avalon, in a house of religion that standeth at the head of the Moors Adventurous, there where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere lie.” This, of course, is a reference to the famous library at Glastonbury.

Down by the Abby of Glastonbury the Mary and Michael Lines demarcate the old church and cross at a node by the old altar site. But further on, above on the Glastonbury Tor, the two lines seem to dance and mate around two nodes on the steep hillside.

The dowsers following the energy of the Michael and Mary lines up the Glastonbury Tor discovered a place where these lines formed an “energy labyrinth” that appeared to be like a sketch of lines matting and preforming a sexual union. The dowsers were quite embarrassed at these results fearing that some would say that this was sacrilegious. However diagrams of classical labyrinths seem to evoke this very image of impregnating a vessel-like cavern. The ancient labyrinth near the pyramids of Egypt could possibly be rediscovered by following the energy-lines there.

Miller and Broadhurst remark that the energy pattern on the top of the Glastonbury Tor might also resemble a giant chalice symbolizing the location of the mysterious Grail Cup. The Chalice Well garden below the Tor contains the modern well-cover displaying the vesica piscis, symbolizing a mystical veiled entrance.

All energy emanations are not necessarily productive and beneficial. Both Underwood and Miller and Broadhurst elaborate on “black lines and streams” and a compendium of effects which induce sulfurous smells, a burdensome atmosphere exuding gloom, despondency, melancholy, nausea, self-doubt, fear, black depression, ill health, and a penitent attitude. Mood swings of ups and downs were reported by the publisher of Gothic Image whose chair and desk sit atop the Michael’s Line in Glastonbury town. One of the explanations of these unwholesome currents is the build-up of stagnant energy which has nowhere to go, thus creating an obstruction. Indeed the Chinese feng-shui epitomizes these problems and corrects them by altering the surrounding landscape to allow the energy to escape and move on.


The authors of The Sun and the Serpent say that half-way along the St Michael’s Line, Avebury was the navel; the omphalos of Britain, and symbol of birth and creation. Avebury was the ultimate holy site –a meeting place between Heaven and Earth. It was the cosmic center from which the world was nourished. They noticed a different kind of energy at Avebury which turned out to be a subtle and negative female line following streams and the openings of the Earth interacting with the prominent male current which followed the hilltops and heights of the Michael’s Line. The astronomic alignments around Avebury are phenomenal because all of the 31 long barrows in the neighborhood are orientated between the extreme movements of the Sun and Moon.

This “Mother-Circle of Britain” is the largest earthwork and stone-circle in Europe. The rough stones weigh up to 60 tons and are arranged in sequence as phallus and on-edge-diamond shapes signifying the alternating positive (male) and negative (female) energy. A mile away stands the man-made conical hill of Silbury, and the West Kennet Long Barrow, the largest of its kind in Britain. Avebury is definitely a fairy-place with the moat on the inside of the high embankment instead of outside like a fortress-moat. In some ways Avebury is reminiscent of the Giant’s Ring near Belfast, as well as the rough stone rows of Carnac in Brittany. Originally, Avebury was enhanced by 600 huge stones which were vandalized and destroyed through the ages, and now only 76 remain. In 1719 the Rev. William Stukeley pictured the original structure as “a monstrous serpent spread across the countryside, its sinuous body writhing over the gentle chalk hills. Its head was the stone circle on Overton Hill, romantically named The Sanctuary. Its neck was formed by an avenue of standing stones that led a way to the southern entrance of the massive henge, where, enclosed in the great circle were two small rings, one dedicated to the Sun, the other to the Moon...They have made plains and hills, valleys, springs and rivers contribute to form a temple of three miles in length. They have stamped a whole country with the impress of this sacred character, and that of the most permanent nature (Miller & Broadhurst p.102).”

 Cosmic Energy:

All of the above information leads to a connection between Humans, Earth, and Heaven through the transfer of energy from the universe to the chasms of our globe in order to feed us with energy, and to provide a blessed sanctuary for meetings and sacred rituals.

 Dr. William F. Romain who studied the great tribal meeting place, the Ohio Great Serpent Mound confirms, “The Serpent Mound also lies near the intersection of several fault lines, and in an area of unusual magnetic activity, combined with an area of unusually intense gravity anomalies (The Suppressed History of America, p.39).”

Miller and Broadhurst analyze their research and present their conclusions:

“The way the currents operate and their association with rocky out-crops had also led us to believe that, on a purely physical level, they were connected with geological fault lines in the Earth’s crust. It seemed a remarkable coincidence that in the 13th century, the same earthquake had demolished two of the most important St Michael churches in southern Britain, at Glastonbury and St Michael’s Mount, a hundred and fifty miles apart. St Michael’s Church at Brentor [a node crossing of the Michael and Mary lines] was built on a volcanic mound, which also indicated that these energies might be issuing from deep within the planet, perhaps condensing as streams of bio-magnetic energy from the molten magma in the heart of the Earth (p.205).”

John Michell in Twelve-Tribe Nations writes (p.135) that the famous oracle of Apollo at Delphi is located on a geological rift in a volcanic region shaken by earthquakes. Michell continues (p.155), “Experiments with magnetometers and other instruments prove that the sites of stone circles are anomalies in the earth’s energy field. The levels of radiation there are markedly different from those of their immediate surroundings. Geological fault lines run below or near ever stone circle. The rocks beneath the earth at those places are under friction, and this produces an electrical discharge that is sometimes briefly visible in the form of lights on or above the surface of the earth...Devereau points out, there is a psychic dimension to earth lights. Their appearance seems to induce in some people a state of vision, and is associated with periods of religious revival.” In the summer of 1988 a light from the sky was seen shining down on Silbury Hill near Avebury, and the next morning rings and circles were discovered in the nearby cornfields.

John Michell tells of the early settlers of Iceland who brought sacred earth from their homelands to establish 12 legislative divisions (called Things) of the new territory. After a year’s careful search a spot for the midsummer Althing, incorporating the Law Rock, were chosen for their outstanding magical qualities where two walls of rock have been split into a narrow chasm along Iceland’s main geological fault line (Twelve-Tribe Nations p.35). Michell also quotes Palsson’s The Roots of Icelandic Culture who says that the 36 priest-chieftains, secular and spiritual heads of their communities, maintained the harmony of the interaction between man and the cosmos within the twelve divisions of Iceland ruled by the 13th element, a sacred king.

Again in Twelve-Tribe Nations Michell describes the holy sanctuary of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, saying (pp.194-7) that the equinoctial Sun was rising from the east behind the Mount of Olives and followed the Messianic ley-line through the Golden Gate whereupon a flash of light entered the sanctuary with a thunderous sound. A twenty cubit cube made of special woods and metals stood at the heart of the Holy of Holies where the walls and ceilings were lined with gold, and on the Rock of Foundation stood the Ark of the Covenant, and above it a pair of golden angels protecting it with outstretched wings as an energy circuit over the ark. Thus the Shechinah Glory, the Divine Presence, the light and spirit of Israel, hovered above the Ark. This spirit of fertility then spread out through the veins and fissures in the earth to all parts of the country...the Temple ritual evidently gave people a feeling of well-being. They were happy and prosperous and filled with high spirits and good health. The function of the Temple was to marry the forces of heaven and earth for the benefit of human spirits and the fertility of the countryside. The laws and the legends of the Temple at Jerusalem depict an instrument of an elaborate sacred science. Michell continues (p.101), “A legend of the temple at Jerusalem says that it was the center of a network of underground water channels, which spread outward to all parts of the country.” Again he writes (p.174), “The cosmically proportioned temple spread the holy energy of the Ark throughout the country, and peace and happiness prevailed...The northern gateway to the Holy Land is between the parallel ridges of Mount Lebanon and Mount born the River Jordon. It winds its way south along a deep geological rift (p.176)...”

Recently, I dowsed the roadway upon the San Andreas Dam, south of San Francisco, completed in 1869 and built directly upon the center of the largest fault-line in North America. Dowsing this roadway showed extremely powerful currents of both negative and positive energy so strong that it spun the copper-wire loop in a complete revolution even as my fingers clamped hard upon the ends of the wire. While descending and ascending the long road of about a quarter of a mile from the dam, the electro-magnetic currents registered with great strength indicating how very wide and deep this fault projected.


Final Conclusions

Earth-energy is not a simple subject that can be comprehended in a one dimensional answer. It may be approached from a cosmological viewpoint encompassing the fields of universal energy, astro-logic transmission, terminating in geological pathways employing water as a medium. This mechanism of cosmic-earth-energy is cycled through creatures and vegetation in nature and helps to sustain and vitalize all life forms.  

1.)    Geological Component: The St. Michael and St. Mary Line have a definite geological component based upon ancient fault lines used by underground water flows. This combination of a chasm and water provides a pathway to conduct energy from the electro-magnetic heliosphere made up of the Sun, Moon, and other members of the solar system. This multi-member mechanism results in a safe and beneficial dispersal of useful and powerful energy. The periodical confluence of geological and astrological alignments is the cause of bursts of moving lights, illumed apparitions, and otherworldly sensations of energy, sanctity, and power.


2.)    Astro-logical Component: The seasonal shifting declinations of the Sun, Moon, and planets –relative to the horizon and azimuth –form alignments with the subterranean caves, cavities, and fault lines which intensify or diminish the energy flow. Since certain seasonal declinations (solstices, equinoxes, cross-quarter-days) have been celebrated in the religious and cultural calendar –the coincidence of holy day and energy-thrust appears to be a magical accord between Earth and Heaven. The accord is not supernatural, but only astro-logic. All weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, and natural events are caused by geometric relationships of a geographic place on Earth coming into aspect with the position of the Sun, Moon, and planets. In the long-term these relationships were the creative cause of fissures in the Earth’s crust -which have developed, widened, or crushed back together in time. The failure of many ancient oracles such as Delphi is caused by the collapse of the channels of the inspirational thermal currents.


3.)    Cosmological Component: The energy experienced at these sacred sites comes from the universe expressed by the ancient saying, “On Earth as it is in Heaven”. The electro-magnetic photons of our heliosphere are energy-packets from the universe, which have been conveyed to our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Then this energy from the universe and the Milky Way illuminates the Sun which produces the heliosphere of energy encompassing our solar system. The formula “E equals mc squared” attempts to express energy as the sum of mass and the speed of light squared –obviously an abstraction from the ancient idea of the flow of a river of energy throughout the universe. The Kybalion (1908) says, “Matter is but a form of Energy (p.69).”


Earth-energy exhibits so many forms (light, music, sound) that it must be a phenomena coming from the highest levels of energy in the universe; namely light in motion –such as galaxies and stars. Earth-energy is a misnomer because these forces have a cosmic source which interacts with the Earth. Earth-energy sounds as if the Earth is producing this energy, when it is only a vehicle through which this energy is manifest.

Humankind owes a debt of gratitude to the water-diviners who first recognized this energy (accompanying a water flow) –a force so enlightening and nourishing, that ancient sites have been passed down for generations, and perfectly adopted from culture to culture among different peoples and invading forces. The cosmic nature of these energy forces is truly realized in the fact that megalithic people and even modern Elizabethans could meditate and worship at the same sacred enclosure. The soothing energy of Glastonbury and Avebury has attracted convocations of mankind over the cosmic ages of time.



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