A Kind and Loving God, Morals, Covenants, and Law


So sayeth the Lord, “My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts. For, as high as the heavens are above the earth so are my thoughts higher than yours, and my ways higher than your ways.” Isaiah: 55

Americans seem to have trouble distinguishing God from prophets. Jesus and Mohammed are prophets who spread the word of their Father. "In God we Trust". God is God, Allah, the Great Spirit, Taiowa, the Divine Creator of All, and Father of all nations. No one owns God; but God owns us all. St. John the Divine writes (Revelation 14:6-7), "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach...Saying with a loud voice, Fear God and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters."

The point is that we all worship the same God; but we rely on different prophets.

As there are heavens above us, there is a being and an intelligence superior to our own. If we deny this hierarchy -we deny the possibility of a social contract of respect and law amongst ourselves. Morals are not about who you are -but about what you are.  If the Cult of the Individual triumphs over all -then democracy fails.

They build upon a firm foundation -whose trust in God leads forth their nation.

Cosmic Concepts and the Law

Language is the main tool of the law. Destroy the language -destroy the law.

The Greek concept of Logos means the power and energy in words. It is not wise to use the Lord's name in vain because of the power that resides in that name. The name of God and his ministers is used to cure sickness and control the demons that plague humankind.

Thou shall not bear false witness. Lies are contrary to cosmic physics because they pretend that false is true. But all things are revealed over time, and falsehood is shown to be untrue. Nothing can operate under several systems of truth. Lies and hypocrisy just do not work. It is for that reason that they are against the cosmic law.

Under Construction

There is a structural dichotomy in the universe: night and day, hot and cold -an object and its opposite mirror image. One cannot deny that there is good and evil in the world -there must be God and the Devil as the poles of the universe. War, opposition, and controversy create all things. The universe is constantly changing, constantly in motion. Civilization attempts to halt time, change, and motion by instituting law and order upon events by creating a divine temple and image upon the Earth. Curiously, civilization is opposed to the motion of the cosmos. Progress is the death of civilization. History shows us that all great things are born through Renaissance and Enlightenment which were periods of looking backward to the past for inspiration. Technology tends to overstep and outpace its own advantages. Technology achieves its heights and then flounders into degeneration. Progress is an illusion.

Humans are Cosmic Beings

We are all threads in the interwoven fabric of the cosmos. Our thoughts, words, and actions affect many others; and our sins have far reaching consequences as they disturb the tapestry of life and the very universe itself. This is the first principle of the universe which the Vedic astronomers named Karma.

This ideal of human dignity and importance gives a seriousness to our existence; and promotes the concepts of justice and law. Opposed to this is the offense of self-pride, and elevating oneself above others on the level of a demi-god, and above the natural order. The universe is built out of harmony and order -and we are the product and beneficiaries of this equitable state.

All things have to come from somewhere. The cosmic order of the universe has created life on Earth. This order is reflected in the underlying order in nature through the Golden Proportion, Golden Spiral, and Fibonacci unfolding of numbers. We have established a system of law on Earth in emulation of the cosmic cycles, systems, and order in the heavens. Just look at all the sacred landscapes that ancient man has created as mandala of the universe such as: Mexico City, Cusco, Angkor Wat, and the Stonehenge-Glastonbury-Perpetual Choirs complex -to mention only a few. Humans have forever built models of the cosmos as sacred temples here on Earth. These are of course subject to decay -because "On Earth as it is in Heaven -but not in Heaven as it is on Earth."

 As well, the idea of humans as microcosmic beings brings forth the notion of a kind and loving God, who truly looks after each and every one of his children without prejudice, rank, and distinction.

God is a kind and loving deity because the cosmic physics of his creation say that he is so. His handiwork proclaims God's equity and justice. During the course of their cycles in time -Cosmic physics and the astronomical cycles are just and harmonious as they dispense equality over every geographical locality and people upon the face of the Earth. No place or tribe is left out of this distribution just as the dynamics of the solar and lunar eclipses sweep their shadows over every locality in the course of time. God has not departed from his creation but he has immersed himself into the universe as part of the warp and woof of the tapestry that we ourselves inhabit and share with him.

Realistically, there is no true democracy. It is an ideal which will never become activated in a world of tumult and change. The "common good" is only someone's impression of it. This impression becomes a mandate which limits someone else's liberty. There is no such thing as the common good or free government money. Every scheme results in the question, "Hey, where did my rights go -and my taxes?"

Ancient Cosmic Traditions

It is wrong to say that our ancient forefathers worshiped the Sun. In their view all energy and spirit cam from the universe, from where it was transferred to the many galaxies including our own Milky Way. From the Milky Way this cosmic energy is transferred to our Sun which in turn distributes it to the solar system of planets. The Sun is therefore a fitting symbol of the energy and spirit of God. Ancient rulers portrayed themselves as the sons and daughters of the Sun -our most direct and immediate connection with God.

Our ancient forefathers were not worshipers of many gods and heroes. They worshiped the Sun as the symbol of the One Spirit of God. They also paid reverence to the many historical demi-gods and heroes of the successive cycles of the great Epochal Ages of time in the cosmos. This system was their systematic history as well as the science of recording climate and great natural events.

The cycles of the rotation of the Milky Way Galaxy have given us the historical record of the Atlantic-Greek-Egyptian generation of the Epochal Gods from the goddess Night and Ocean, to Uranus, Helios, Thoth, Cronus, Zeus, and Christ. The Mexica-Maya-Andean legend of the Five Suns also follows this format of the rotation of the Milky Way. Egyptian-Mosaic tradition contributes the story of Adam and Eve to this great cycle. 

Cosmic Physics

It was reported that 38% of Americans believed that the great earthquake and tsunami in Japan was God’s punishment of the people for the wrongs of the nation. The cosmic worldview studies the astronomy that causes natural disasters –and this astronomy is of the natural order of cosmic physics –and therefore not to be seen or interpreted as metaphysical or divine intervention. For history, science, and geology shows that Japan lies above deadly fault lines which have caused outrageous tsunami in the past. The rugged and beautiful coastline and the outline of Japan on a world globe suggest that telluric forces have continually torn the island. On the other side of the globe it will be wonderful if the citizens of San Francisco are surprised if their city sinks into the ocean. According to geology there is not a shadow of a doubt that this will happen in time –but when we do not know. 

The ancient cosmologers discovered a universe of repetitive cycles under which the Earth changed the tilt and precession of its axis, as well as its orbital eccentricity and inclination. These astronomical variations produced a system and mechanism that exposed every geographical region to the variety of every cosmic change –for good and for bad –over the course of time. This means that cosmic physics produces an equitable distribution of change over the entire surface of the globe. Cosmic physics is just, balanced, and equitable. Therefore, those people and tribes  living in different areas of the planet are the beneficiaries of a “fair and equitable” system of the distribution of the gifts of nature over time. Because the cosmos is fair –philosophers agreed that the Creator of all of this must therefore also be a just and loving God who cherishes all his children equally. As God is just and fair, so are his covenants and laws.

The study of cosmic physics has influenced and shaped our ideas about God. The words of the prophet Isaiah 55:8 confirm that our observations of the cosmos are turned into the words which we imagine that God speaks to us:

My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts, says the Lord. For as high as the heavens are above the Earth, so are my ways above yours, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Isaiah seems to speak from the viewpoint of an astronomer who has studied the heavens and the cosmos of God.

What is Law, and Where does it come from?

Is it possible that a club-swinging cave-man came out of his cavern one morning and said, “I am tired of being beaten over the head every time there is some small dispute, let’s have some torts and law”?

 Looking up at the heavens our forefathers perceived order and balance in the harmony of the cosmic cycles which offset the extremes and maximums of the larger more ponderous cycles which in their turn do not permit the quick and shorter ones to run away with themselves in influencing the general climate and daily weather. One could make a broad statement in saying that law originates from examples in the heavens of the annular seasons of the Sun, tempered by the revolutions of the Moon and the Moon's phases which produce moisture, heat, drought, and cold. The planets of our solar system accentuate these conditions produced by the Sun and Moon. The Earth herself cycles through changes in the tilt of her axis, the inclination, and the eccentricity of her orbit -all of which individually and collectively affect our global climate. Above all these cycles and conditions is the revolution and rotation of our own Milky Way galaxy.

Our caveman begins to realize that the universe is driven by change and that he himself and his life, family, and tribe are directed by constant change –yet there is an order and rhythm which underlies the turning seasons and the seemingly chaotic undulations of change. Beneath the swirl and movement ride the stabilizing powers of permanence, order, harmony, and balance.

All of our statements about the cosmos contain the word “balance.” And the prime symbol of the law is the statue of justice –a virgin maiden, uncorrupted, blindfolded against all appearances of dress, fortune, and corporal beauty. Blind virgin justice holds the balance scales of harmony and truth, a symbol of the cosmos.

Moses threw down and smashed the first and original Ten Commandments that he made upon the mountain top. The ones that he then fashioned to bring down from the mountain are social standards to facilitate communal living: Thou shall not steal, bare false witness, and covet another’s spouse or property. But Jesus said that there is one commandment from which all commandments spring forth –to love one another as I have loved you. Love is the greatest commandment of them all. This is what Empedocles believed, namely that the universe was born out of Love; but operates through a dichotomy of Love and Strife. Love, balance, and harmony are the products of the observable cosmic physics of the universe. Astronomy has shaped our logic and led us to the law.

Morals, Covenants, and Law

The first commandment of the Law of Moses states: Thou shall not have other gods before me -I am the Creator God of the Universe.

But before tribes and people can understand the Supreme Being they are taught by the prophets and the children of God who are born among them and grow up in their local geography in the context of time. These local heroes express and typify their people and their culture, in their unique environment, in their special time. These special local heroes represent many of the attributes of the Great Cosmic Creator God who cannot be seen except through a reflection in the form of one of his human children. Thus the true Creator God may be worshiped in that community as their personal and recognizable deity, a true mirror of the Cosmic Divinity. After a time these demi-gods are exalted to the position of beneficial cultural gods like Adam, Moses, Ocean, Uranus, Saturn, Zeus, and Isis and Osiris. Tradition has made them gods with a small “g” because they have endured through long periods of time. but, they are not God with a capital “G.” Therefore we should understand the covenant, “Thou shall not have other gods before me” as a statement about the God of the Universe –the Great Cosmic Spirit. Respect your traditions and tribal gods; but do not place them before the God of the Universe.

After this first commandment, the Laws of Moses pertain to the social order and the principles of action, reaction, and retribution.

The Morals of Petty Reaction

Morals seem to be like some software preloaded into the material human body –a course of directions for interacting with other human bodies. Thou shalt not kill -Thou shalt not steal have been codified as commandments from God. But in reality these precepts are beneficial to the survival of the human body. If we kill someone –a member from that family will seek to kill us. If we steal –someone will steal from us. And if we tell lies –others will be tempted to lie to us. All these precepts are based upon principles of retribution –do onto others are you would wish they do unto you. Principles of action-reaction come from the physics of the natural and cosmic worlds. Morals are the physics of social self-preservation. But, there exists a higher, ultimate and divine physics -namely the product of the total physics of the universe -which results in harmony and justice for all.

The pure and virgin image of Justice is blind-folded so that she was not to be distracted by appearances, but there is a deeper and cosmic meaning to this icon. Blind-folded also conveys the reverse mirror-image of all-seeing –namely that Justice does not look in one direction in time or place –but she holds the overview of the great universe which is the image of justice itself in its self-balancing motions and cycles. The next time that you see this statue think of her as the mystical image of the universe itself.

The Laws of Physics

Life on Earth is influenced by the cosmic physics of our solar system, our Milky Way galaxy, and the universe around us. The physics of LaPlace, LaGrange, Le Chatelier, and Newton convince us that our universe is interwoven and interactive where every particle affects everything else. These principles were discovered by the ancient cosmologers.

LaPlace (1749-1827) and LaGrange (1736-1813) discovered that the total eccentricity of the planetary orbits of the solar system had to stay constant, provided that all planets revolve around the Sun in the same direction (which they do). If the orbit of one planet increases in eccentricity, that of the others must decrease in eccentricity sufficiently to strike a balance. The same sort of consistency holds for the inclination of a planet's orbit to the plane of the ecliptic .

Le Chatelier's principle (1850-1936): Every change in one of the factors in an equilibrium, brings about a rearrangement of the system in such a direction as to minimize the original change. 

Images from the Hubble Space Telescope have shown galaxies colliding with one another and spiral galaxies slicing through other galaxies like a buzz-saw. Scientists looking at these images to see where material is displaced during these crashes have discovered that the gravity that we know here on Earth operates under the same physics throughout the universe.  All these laws of physics tell us that every particle in the cosmos is linked to every other particle -and all are moved by the expansion and contraction of the universe and its galaxies. Balance, interrelation, and ultimate harmony is the law of the universe -the law that philosophers, prophets, and rulers have brought down to Earth and copied in their religions and social institutions.

A Personal Standard of Karma

Each individual can cultivate a personal standard of discernment and judgment in life. Karma may be developed and refined over a lifetime. If one is absolutely strict about treating everyone that one encounters with genuine courtesy and respect –then this model of Karma becomes a manifest reality to others –who innately recognize the manner of person that you have become, and in turn treat you with all courtesy and respect. This is the triumph of the spirit over the material nature of the world. Karma has elevated the individual above temptation and fatalism as a true child of God.

Cosmic Order and the Divine Right of Kings

The foundation of the cosmic worldview was based upon cosmic order. Of course, there were many unfortunate sides to this philosophy were people used certain principles to their advantage without conforming to the entire truth of all the propositions and prerequisites of the cosmological viewpoint. Some of these advantages that were taken out of context were the misuse of the Divine Right of Kings by those whose wished for the leverage of power without the duties and obligations connected with this lawful principle. 

Susan Milbrath writes in Star Gods of the Maya (p.70) that solar, lunar and star alignments were a critical feature of public and private ceremonies and ritual, "Having the sun reach its proper position during a public ritual helped to confirm the power of the ruler, showing [a control of and] participation in cosmic events."

The motto that appears upon the coat of arms of the British Monarch proclaims, "Dieu et mon droit," meaning "God and my Right." This was the battle cry of King Richard 1st in 1198 at the Battle of Gisors. The motto was also used by King Henry V in the 15th century. This has been translated in several ways -but confers the power of the Monarch from God as the Divine Right of Kings. This is a most ancient formula deriving from cosmology -where the Sun and Moon are the Marshalls of the skies -and therefore King and Queen are son and daughter to the Sun and Moon; and thereby represent their power here on Earth. Louis XIV took on this ancient idea and proclaimed himself to be the "Sun King" like the rulers of Mexico, Peru, China, and Asia.

Divine Right is in complete opposition to a democracy (where the ruler derives power from the tribes) and to a republic (where a ruler derives power from the people who are freemen and landowners. As was said above Divine Right comes from the Sun and Moon in the times of the ancient cosmological cultures. 

The primacy of the Divine Right of Kings and that of the Roman Catholic Church was finally challenged in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Enlightenment. Unfortunately Divine Right and Church were founded upon Cosmic Order -which was thrown out with Kings and Pope who had abused the true meaning of these rights. All revolutions exceed their desires and purpose. This confrontation has overreached its expectations and now needs to be properly readjusted on both sides. For the sake of science itself we cannot topple the very structure from which science was born -namely cosmic order.

Committing a Sin

Description: File:Weighing of the heart3.jpg

The Egyptians weighed a man's heart against the "lightness of a feather to determine sin. 

The religion of the Roman Catholics has a very detailed hierarchy of "sin" which is a trespass against the laws of God and man. They speak about "original sin" which we have inherited from Adam and Eve. Catholics also discuss venial sin which is a slight infraction of the rules and customs; but also mortal, or deadly sin, against the Holy Spirit of God -which is not to be forgiven. The evangelists and priests have the authority to forgive sin in the name of God if the sinner confesses his sin, asks for absolution, and is genuinely sorry for his sin.

One must wonder at such highly developed concepts -where did they come from, and who on earth thought of such things?

Sin manifests itself in actions but actually stems from an attitude, a mental decision. Children are innocent and without sin. They are fearless, multitalented, and possess boundless energy, and are able to absorb complicated problems and languages. Spirit, light, and energy radiate from their inner being. They have not diminished their capabilities through sin which seems to be a negative burden upon the soul. In actual fact it would seem that "everything is still there in children -and they have not diminished themselves and turned off any of their talents and abilities." Indeed, it is a cosmological principle that everything within the universe is a microcosm of the whole, fully furnished and complete, able to replicate the entire macrocosm. The point here is that in sin we need to turn off something in ourselves; we need to disable and denigrate ourselves. Sin is not a dramatic addition to ourselves -it is a subtraction from ourselves. We are all a vital thread in the cosmic tapestry. If we diminish ourselves, we diminish our society, our state, and our nation. Sin is a cosmic entity, a reality that comes from the complex unity of the universe. Sin is an aspect of cosmic physics, and astronomy may be seen as the Grail to all understanding.


As discussed above, the human spirit is fully developed and complete. In fact everything that we see in nature is fully developed. Modern Darwinian evolution seems to suggest that some talent or ability or material structure is added to a creature -but where did this new form, skill, or addition come from? It is easier to visualize creatures adapting to a special environment over time, where subtle changes occur in something the creature already possesses.


Would God allow the corrupt and evil to inherit the Earth? God is everything. He is creative and destructive. To materialize the spirit -it joins with matter, and therefore everything materialized is a union of both good and evil, intelligent and ignorant, bright and dark. The world cannot exist without dichotomy. Nothing exists without its mirror image.

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