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Stone carving by Thomas Dietrich

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Stone Carving by the author

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                                                    Author photo of Tiwanaku, Home of the Gods, Bolivia

The Culture of Astronomy

ASTRONOMY is the Holy Grail in the Sky, The Tree of Knowledge, and The Key to All Mystery. Ancient Sky-watching created 'the scientific method' of observation in a structured, calibrated setting of wooden and stone circles -  where recordation, analysis, repeated review, and observation led to the development of theories, canons, and conclusions which today we call -the scientific method.

The need for extensive and accurate record-keeping of celestial events led to the creation and development of symbols, numbers, geometry, and written language.

The Culture of Astronomy is the only work that contains: astro-mythology, astro-history, astro-physics, astrology, philosophy of astronomy, cosmological worldview -including Cycles of the Great Global Catastrophies, The Great Ages of the Zodiac; and detailed analysis of Vedic, Indian, Khmer, Andean and Maya astronomy. We have traveled to five continents to physically examine ancient astronomical observatories.

Everything that we see and experience rotates in cycles. Nothing travels in a straight line for long.The Milankovitch cycles of Earth, Sun, Moon, and planets combine to create daily, monthly, annular, and long-term changes to our globe and its atmosphere. Astronomy has a powerful impact upon our lives. All culture and the disciplines of science, physics, law, and numbers come from ancient astronomy.

The Culture of Astronomy by Thomas Dietrich




the temple of heaven & earth

Temple of Heaven & Earth is a study of cosmic and earth-energies, geology, astronomy, holy numbers and proportions at sacred sites. These special places brought both inspiration and cures to ancient people.  These holy locations were the meeting places for government, law courts, religious ritual, business, and social transactions; including music, dancing, and entertainment. Our examination simplifies the language and concepts of earth-energy to make this ancient science more accessable to the public. Temple of Heaven & Earth unfolds the splendid worldview, comforting philosophy, and astronomy of the ancient people of the Golden Age before the Flood.

This book has been designed to enrich the experience of travelers to the many holy sites of ancient peoples and cultures to attain a deeper insight to life.

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Ancient traditions should first be considered true and factual –and not discredited out of hand without evidence to the contrary. In the last hundred years we have found out that there were giants as well as little people in most countries on the globe; that there is folklore of a great flood in 260 countries, that all ancient sites were aligned to the Sun and the cardinal directions; and that myths are connected with astronomical cycles of the zodiac. The Twelve Houses of the zodiac are a cosmic clock delving deep into the origins of culture and civilization.

Atlas was indeed the greatest astronomer and geographer of all time. He lived in Fez-Morocco on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean where he conducted his celestial observations on the Mountains of Atlas. Atlas founded the Atlantic Prime Meridian which has appeared on maps throughout the centuries. Atlas was the brother of Cronus, Prometheus, and Epimetheus. Atlas was also the father of the Pleiades (aka, Hesperides) who guarded the Golden Apples on the Isles of the Blessed, as the Canary Islands were once called. Atlas still carries the celestial globe upon his shoulders as shown in an Etruscan marble in the Naples museum (525 BC). There is deep meaning to this symbolic statue of Atlas who taught astronomy to the Egyptian Hercules-Shu. Prometheus, brother of Atlas, established a school of astronomy in the Caucasus Mountains, the origins of Vedic astronomy.

The British Isles, Ireland, France, Morocco, and Greece share ancient Atlantic culture.  



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1375 Catalan Atlas - an advanced scientific marvel

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