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The Culture of Astronomy

ASTRONOMY is the Holy Grail in the Sky, The Tree of Knowledge, and The Key to All Mystery. Ancient Sky-watching created 'the scientific method' of observation in a structured and calibrated setting of wooden and stone circles where recordation, analysis, repeated review, and continual observation led to the development of theory and tentative conclusions -the scientific method.

The need for extensive and accurate record-keeping led to the creation and development of numbers, symbols, and written language.

The Culture of Astronomy is the only work that contains: astro-mythology, astro-history, astro-physics, astrology, philosophy of astronomy, cosmological worldview, cycles of the Great World Catastrophies, and fine synthesis of both Vedic and Maya astronomy. We have traveled to five continents to physically examine ancient astronomical observatories.

Everything that we see and experience rotates in cycles within cycles. Nothing advances for long in a straight line. The Milankovitch cycles of our Earth and the heavenly bodies create daily, monthly, annular, and long-term changes in solar radiation, temperature, climate, and other conditions. It is vital to understand the total impact that astronomy has upon life, science, philosophy, worldview, and religion. All mysteries and Holy Numbers come from astronomical cycles and measurments.

 Astronomy is the birth-mother of all sciences, physics, logic, numbers & geometry

The Culture of Astronomy by Thomas Dietrich




the temple of heaven & earth

Temple of Heaven & Earth is about cosmic and earth-energies, geology, astronomy, holy numbers and proportions at sacred sites. These special locations were the meeting places for government, law courts, religious ritual, business, and social transactions. Our examination is unique in that it unfolds the splendid worldview, philosophy, and science of the ancient people of the Golden Age.

Energy affects everything from the physics of the universe down to the miracle of life on Earth. Modern corporate-science uses energy to power mechanisms. Ancient science used energy to heal, cure, and support health, but more especially to promote inspiration, truth in speech, communication, knowledge, and the 'joy of life.' Both ancient and modern science, traditions, and testimony are woven together to recreate the worldview of the Golden Age.

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THE ORIGIN OF CULTURE by thomas dietrich


The British Isles, Ireland, France, Morocco, and Greece share ancient Atlantic culture. Ancient maps of the world showed the Atlantic Prime Meridian (0/360 degrees) along the European and African coastlines until the early 1800's AD.  This ancient Prime Meridian is the key to deciphering ancient science, myth, and culture.

The renowned astronomer-geographer, Atlas who carried the globe of the heavens on his shoulders lived in Fez-Morocco. His daughters, the Hesperides, guarded the Golden Apples on the Isles of the Blessed; today called the Canary Islands. Greek myth says that the Greek and Atlantic Gods were born on the Bay of Marmora in Fez nearby to several of the Labors of Hercules, the giant Antaeus, the legends of the Amazons, Gorgons, Perseus, and Andromeda.

In connection with these facts, the ancient history of Ireland records that the original settlers of the island were African navigators endowed with outstanding governing skills and a superior knowledge of astronomy. Their name was "the men from Morocco" -the fir-Marocchi.

These are quite a lot of major coincidences that continue to be ignored by academia. There are many more such matters to be discussed in The Origin of Culture by Thomas Dietrich such as ancient maps, astronomy, history, and legend which are woven together in this compilation.



2017 Thomas Karl Dietrich. All rights reserved

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